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Souvenirs aus Vorarlberg, Made in Vorarlberg, Produkte aus Vorarlberg (c) Vorarlberg Tourismus

Souvenirs from Vorarlberg

Aromatic cheeses and gourmet schnapps.
To your health! Plus authentic (wooden) craftsmanship.

Made in Vorarlberg

Holidays to go

Typical Souvenirs made in Vorarlberg

High-quality souvenirs and products from the Genussland Vorarlberg: That’s why the typical souvenirs from your holiday are often regional products and delicacies, as you can discover them everywhere. A souvenir such as mountain cheese from Vorarlberg, mustard, chocolate creations, cosmetics made from whey, soaps, handmade wooden objects or the highest quality brandies – all of these bring the holiday back to the table at home. In the truest sense of the word. Some of the Vorarlberg producers also offer their products in an online shop or you can order them by mail.

And if you are looking for gifts that you can organise online, you could also invite people to an experience or encourage them to go on an excursion, for example.

True delicacies stand the test of time and are remembered long after the very last taste!

J. W. von Goethe