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Saurerstoff Balsamico © Mareen Krings / Saurerstoff Vulini e.U.
Made in Vorarlberg

SAURERSTOFF - Balsamic Vinegar made in Vorarlberg

Without added colorant, caramel or sugar.

What do Speckbirne, Bergkräuter, Eiswein and Bockbier have in common?

They are varieties of the noble balsamic vinegar “SAURERSTOFF”, g’gemacht in Vorarlberg. There are also apple, raspberry, Heideboden Reserve, Zweigelt, ice wine or even wild strawberry, the current varieties can always change a bit. The apples grow in Dornbirn, the mountain herbs in the Bregenzerwald and Austrian winegrowers supply their carefully pressed wines. All products are made from regional and natural ingredients, are aged for 3 years in wooden barrels and have 5% acidity.

The balsamico is available in the online store “” or at various gourmet stores.

Saurerstoff Balsamico © Mareen Krings / Saurerstoff Vulini e.U.
Saurerstoff Balsamico © Thomas Gmeiner / Saurerstoff Vulini e.U.