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Ski Ride Vorarlberg, Skifahrer zwischen Warth und Lech (c) Sepp Mallaun

Follow your feeling for snow

Off-piste Skiing

in Vorarlberg

In one week from north to south

Ski Ride Vorarlberg

Crossing Vorarlberg on skis!

Explore on-piste and off-piste skiing during this one-week trek. An experienced mountain guide accompanies you in a small group all along the tour. From Kleinwalsertal in the north to Montafon in the south, there is a myriad of opportunities to follow the tempting call of the mountains. “Ski Ride Vorarlberg” is a once-in-alifetime winter journey, combining proverbial Vorarlberg hospitality with spectacular nature, and the satisfaction of having managed yet another day as a team.

The combination of skiing, ski touring and freeriding makes for an unforgettable experience in stunning landscape. The guided tour is limited to six participants at most and includes ascents of up to 1.5 hours covering a maximum of 400m in altitude. We will explore the regions from north to south: Kleinwalsertal, Bregenzerwald, Arlberg, Klostertal, Montafon.

Professional mountain and ski guides accompany and guide the small party. They share useful tips and hints about the hazards of avalanches and how to avoid them, about riding technique and ski touring in open terrain. Moreover, you will learn many interesting facts and fascinating stories about the local area. A team manager is responsible for looking after things in the background (e.g. transport of luggage from hotel to hotel). Rides on lifts and cable-cars make mounting easy; your week will be rounded off by comfortable hotels and fine dining. Hotels, ski lifts, shuttle bus and luggage transport included.


Ski-Ride-Vorarlberg, Skitouren im Kleinwalsertal (c) Stefan Herbke / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Route Ski Ride Vorarlberg (c) Vorarlberg Tourismus

From Kleinwalsertal in the north to Montafon in the south: In the “Ski Ride Vorarlberg” tour, winter sports lovers can explore the high alps in winter in a small group and accompanied by a guide.

The tour at a glance

Day 1
Starting in Dornbirn (Bodensee-Vorarlberg region) the team bus takes you to Kleinwalsertal where you receive your equipment.
Day 2
Check of equipment, evaluation of ability, intense avalanche course, test ride in open terrain, familiarisation with the group.
Day 3
Crossing from Kleinwalsertal to Bregenzerwald via the Hoher Ifen area. Descent to Schoppernau.
Day 4
From Bregenzerwald via Hochtannberg/Auenfeld to the area of Lech Zürs am Arlberg.
Day 5
From Lech Zürs via Stuben to Maroiköpfe into the Klostertal valley, then via Sonnenkopf to Silbertal in Montafon.
Day 6
In Montafon via Hochjoch/Zamang to the Valisera area to Gargellen.
Day 7
Joint departure on the team bus to Dornbirn.

The legs descriptions serve as orientation only. The aim is to cross Vorarlberg. The itinerary may be altered depending on weather and snow conditions.

Tiefschneefahren am Arlberg (c) Markus Gmeiner / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Tiefschnee Skifahren (c) Helmut Düringer / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Freeriden in Lech Zürs am Arlberg (c) Markus Gmeiner / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Ankommen am Gipfel der Maroiköpfe (c) Helmut Düringer / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Alpe Rauz (c) Thorsten Keller / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Freeriden abseits der Piste (c) Stefan Herbke / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Ski-Ride-Vorarlberg, Skitouren im Kleinwalsertal (c) Stefan Herbke / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Ski Ride Vorarlberg (c) Stefan Herbke / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Enjoys a rich cover of natural snow

Enjoy the sun

Open-Terrain Skiing

The Team

Stunning Views

White Dream

The magic spell of the winter landscapes

Crossing Vorarlberg on skis...


  • Participants
    Proficient skiers who are confident doing short and long turns in different types of snow and different terrains.

  • Gear
    All participants must bring along the main basics: airbag, avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, freeride boots, rucksack, helmet, headlamp, gloves, cap, first-aid kit, ski/ sunglasses, water bottle. Some gear can also be rented (Kästle skis, freeride boots, avalanche beacon, shovel, airbag etc.).

  • Respect your limits
    In the form of the "Respect your limits" campaign, Vorarlberg appeals to skiers to conduct themselves in a thoughtful manner off-piste in order to ensure protection of the environment and their own safety. Off-piste skiers are well advised to be accompanied by a guide familiar with the area. Basic avalanche equipment including avalanche search equipment, an avalanche probe and shovel are indispensable.

  • Mountain Guides
    the following mountain guides have already Ski Ride experience:
    - Markus Moosbrugger "Moses" (
    - Lukas Kühlechner (
    - Helmut Düringer (
    - Christoph Küng (

  • Bookable Offers
    CLEARSKIES Expeditionen & Trekking
    T +43 (0)512 28 45 61 (German only)

Video Ski Ride Vorarlberg

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