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Hiking in Vorarlberg

The mountains move you. Moments to remember while hiking.

Spring, Summer and Autumn
in Vorarlberg

Hiking tips

Experiences in nature

Hiking in the mountains of Vorarlberg. Those who’ve been up never want to come down. The open expanses are not alone in whispering: stay with us a bit longer! It’s also the joy of movement that becomes greater with each passing step.

Countlesshiking trails are spread throughout Vorarlberg and range from easy to challenging. Many such trails provide insight into the local way of life or lead to spectacular natural features. Interesting information about the province and its people, as well as the flora and the fauna can be discovered during guided hikes. For those interested in letting nature work its magic, we recommend exploring on foot.

Natural diversity in Vorarlberg
Though compact, Vorarlberg is a region of astounding natural diversity, from moors to shorelines and the high mountains. For all those who love to be outdoors in nature, the State of Vorarlberg has initiated the campaign “Natural diversity in Vorarlberg” to ensure that the variety of nature is conserved for future generations. This campaign is a coalition of like-minded stakeholders with similar values that stands for integrated nature conservation with a focus on the 40 Natura 2000 protected areas. Natura 2000 is a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union.

Digital hiking maps
Practical aids are available for planning hikes as well as on-site orientation. The digital hiking maps Vorarlberg (see useful links below) describe the countless trails in detail. Information on all the described routes can be printed and downloaded. In addition, it’s possible to display information about attractions, restaurants or refreshment stops or even photos and bus stops. This information is also available as part of the free Vorarlberg App “Holiday and Recreation” in German only!
The “Bergpartner Vorarlberg” are your professional mountain hosts that advise, inspire and support you in your alpine experiences and in consciously appreciating the natural and cultural landscape of Vorarlberg.

Visiting Vorarlberg safely
Updated information on Corona security measures in Vorarlberg can be found at

Excursions in the mountains of Vorarlberg

Hiking tips in Vorarlberg

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