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Formarinalpe, mit dem Bus nach Lech © Helmut Düringer / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Public transportation

Mobile on vacation

Travelling by bus and train on holiday in Vorarlberg

Public transportation plays an important role throughout the State of Vorarlberg – from the cities in the Rheintal valley to the valleys and holiday regions: Buses and trains are modern and comfortable, and the services are frequent. In addition to the railway in the Rhine Valley and Walgau, there are around 160 bus routes. Visitors to Vorarlberg are always surprised how comprehensive the train and bus routes are even in the holiday regions. By the way, public transportation in the relevant holiday region is included in the regional inclusive cards for holiday-makers in summer. In winter, ski-pass holders can use ski buses free of charge. That means you can leave your car at home while on vacation.

Train, bus connections and timetables: The Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg route planner is a useful assistant. Available also as app “cleVVVer Mobil”  for Android for iPhone.

Ticket prices: Use of public transport is included in the regional inclusive cards or ski passes for holidaymakers. If you do not have an inclusive card or only use train and bus for individual trips, you can find all the information you need on the fare zones and ticket prices on the mobility platform of the Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines in train stations or when boarding the bus:

Scheduled boat services:The scheduled boats operated by Vorarlberg Lines run from Easter to October several times daily from Bregenz harbour towards Konstanz via Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Immenstaad, Hagnau, Meersburg, and Mainau Island.


Bikes on trains and busses
A bicycle ticket for the Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg allows you to take bikes on board most regional and regional express trains. Individual trains which do not allow bikes to be carried for space reasons during morning commuter traffic are identified. Bikes on trains and busses in Vorarlberg (in German)

Bicycle transport on boats
Bicycles can be transported on Obersee (including SBS on Überlinger See and Zeller See) if the ship design permits. Information and fares (in German)