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Lake Constance, Bregenz (c) Bodensee-Vorarlberg-Tourismus
Travel barrier free

Barrier-free holidays in Vorarlberg

It can be especially difficult for people with disabilities to plan a holiday.

Barrier-free hiking – Set out into nature with a wheelchair

People with limited mobility have so many challenges in everyday life that many of them have given up even considering a hike with a wheelchair. When planning a barrier-free excursion, the vast majority are restricted to short (and ideally paved) stretches and are dependent on a helping hand. Experience demonstrates that even modest journeys on appropriate paths are not easy and as a result, experiencing the invigorating landscape of the mountains as a change of pace is too often restrictive. Not to mention the difficulty of finding handicap accessible public transportation, restaurants, holiday activities and toilets.

Thanks to a concept for cycling and hiking trails being adopted throughout the region, Vorarlberg features some great opportunities for wheelchair hiking. Naturally, the best conditions can be found in the valleys. Those who search, however, will find places where journeying with a wheelchair can be truly rewarding. Such places are free from restrictions caused by the others using the same trail.

Barrierefrei, Wandern mit dem Rollstuhl in Vorarlberg © Helmut Tiefenthaler
Barrierefrei Vorarlberg, barrier-free travel © Franz Pfluegel

Thanks to a concept for cycling and hiking trails being adopted throughout the region, Vorarlberg features some great opportunities for wheelchair hiking.

Resources / travel tips / addresses

ÖZIV Vorarlberg
The ÖZIV (Landesverband Vorarlberg), an association for individuals with disabilities, has run a resource and support centre in Bregenz for many years. Wheelchairs, e-cars, stair climbers, Scalamobil, walkers, etc. can be affordably rented here. Pick-up and delivery costs (in case the support resource cannot be picked up in Bregenz) can be passed on directly and no rent is required for just a few days. The organisation is grateful for any donations.
Contact: ÖZIV Vorarlberg, St.-Anna-Straße 2a, A-6900 Bregenz,
T +43(0)5574/45579, Fax: +43(0)5574/47090;

Travel bus companies wheelchair-users can rely on

  • NKG Reisen, A-6850 Dornbirn, Kehlerstr. 61 a, T +43(0)5572/22030, F 22030-8, ,
    Luxury busses especially for those with disabilities: equipped with integrated lifting platform, elevator and spacious WC. For groups of any kind
  • Reisebüro Breuß, A-6830 Rankweil, Neuburgstr. 11, T +43(0)5522/44159-10, F 44159-4,

Public transportation
  • City busses: The majority of regional busses as well as those in Bregenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch and Bludenz are outfitted with ramps designed for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Train: ÖBB Austrian Railways Mobility-Service Centre: +43(0)5-1717, menu prompt 5/5 for special information, reservations and registration for special assistance. For ticket booking, especially wheelchair or handicap spots, special equipment such as lifts or other aids for entry and exit, please contact; Online forms for travel registration at the ÖBB website
Information about sports and events

The ENJO is an independent wheelchair club within the Vorarlberg sports association for the disabled. This group organises various friendly and competitive sporting events such as basketball, tennis, Alpine and mono ski, Nordic cross-country-skiing, hand biking, shooting, table tennis and billiards.

IfS – Assistance for individuals with disabilities

The institute for social services (IfS) provides consultation in Bregenz, Bludenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch, Hohenems and Egg.Consultation centre Bregenz:St.-Anna-Straße 2, A-6900 Bregenz; T (0)5-1755/510;

Accomodation tips