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Skifahren im Skigebiet Mellau-Damüls im Bregenzerwald © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

The subtle joy of artistic creation


Bregenzerwald offers varied skiing, beauty to behold, fine dining and comfortable lodging.

The subtle joy of artistic creation
Fancy experiencing something new on holiday? Popular with skiing and hiking enthusiasts, Bregenzerwald is the place for those who appreciate the finer things of life. It’s famed for its harmonious architecture, innovative handicraft and the CheeseRoad.

Winter worlds
Most winter visitors come to Bregenzerwald for skiing, ski tours, cross country skiing or simply to soak up some nature on a hike. And they can be sure of plenty of snow – nature takes care of that. There’s no shortage of premium ski areas. Fortunately the 3-Valley-Ski Pass is valid in all ski areas. It’s also possible to take the ski lift from Warth-Schröcken to Lech Zürs am Arlberg and into Austria’s largest inter-connected ski area.

Creative space
Bregenzerwald’s 22 villages are located southeast of Lake Constance. The local people have always taken great pains to manage their environment in tune with a landscape shaped by agriculture. The villages have a striking appearance, with a surprising and exciting mix of traditional and contemporary (timber) architecture.

Mountain adventures
In summer hikers and mountain bikers can explore the extensive network of trails. Some peaks can be reached by cable car. If you stay in Bregenzerwald for three or more nights you’ll receive a free Bregenzerwald Guest Card (May-October), which is valid on the buses and cable cars and at the outdoor pools.

Cultural life
Throughout the year exhibitions and concerts featuring various musical styles enrich the region’s cultural programme. In June and August/September, ensembles and singers from around the world gather at the Schubertiade Festival in the picturesque village of Schwarzenberg. Changing exhibitions are hosted, for example, in the Women’s Museum in Hittisau and the modern Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch, which showcases Bregenzerwald’s innovative handicraft.

Architectural style
The charming villages are also worth a closer look. In many places, the juxtaposition of old and new (timber) architecture will surprise you. The 12 “Umgang Bregenzerwald” village walks give you an interesting insight into architectural curiosities.

Palate pleasers
Cuisine here is both regional and creative. Many products, in particular the well-known Bregenzerwald mountain and Alpine cheeses, come from small farms, cheese makers and gourmet producers. Take a special culinary hike and sample such wares, from breakfast to lunch and on to dessert.

Skifahren im Skigebiet Warth-Schröcken im Bregenzerwald © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Kulinarisch Winterwandern im Bregenzerwald, Schönenbach (c) Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Schneeschuhwandern, Schneeschuhtour am Bödele © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Après Ski, Ski and Concert, Warth, Bregenzerwald (c) Alex Kaiser / Skilifte Warth
Bergsennerei Schnepfau © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch, Bregenzerwald (c) Peter Loewy
Holzarchitektur im Bregenzerwald © Adolf Bereuter_Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Kulinarisch Wandern in Mellau im Bregenzerwald © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Architekur im Alltag: Bus:Stop Krumbach, (c) Darko Todorovic
Unterwegs auf dem Umgang Bregenzerwald, (c) Adolf Bereuter

Skiing-fun in Warth-Schröcken

Pure bliss! Themed “Culinary winter hikes“ take you on a walk in exceptionally beautiful natural scenery

Discover the Bregenzerwald region during a snow shoe hike

If you want to end a day of skiing with music and sophisticated après-ski entertainment, why not joint Ski & Concert events at Hotel Steffisalp in Warth

Bregenzerwald is famous for its excellent Mountain Cheese and the CheeseRoad

With changing exhibitions, the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch is dedicated to various aspects of handicraft

Enjoy the surprising juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary architecture in Bregenzerwald

After the climb treat yourself to delicious refreshments in one of the many mountain huts in Bregenzerwald. You’re worth it!

BUS:Stop Krumbach: since May 2014 seven special bus stops, designed by international architectural firms, have been adorning the village of Krumbach in Bregenzerwald

The 12 “Umgang Bregenzerwald” village walks give you an interesting insight into the extraordinary creative spirit of the Bregenzerwald people

For many of us, nature remains a place of retreat where energy reserves are refilled and moments of beauty are experienced. In the Bregenzerwald, we are especially blessed...

Herlinde Moosbrugger, Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Tiefschnee © Ludwig Berchtold
Gigi Rüf, a professional snowboarder from Bregenzerwald, shows us the ski resort he grew up with.