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Mountain hay & winter pleasures
Want to escape your daily routine? Take a deep breath of clear mountain air? Recover and relax in the beautiful mountain world? Enjoy this and more in the Kleinwalsertal.
36 mountain peaks encircle this idyllic valley, which is only accessible by road from Germany. Hikers, mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts appreciate the intact, largely untouched mountains where there are plenty of wonderful ways to relax and unwind.

Fun in the snow
The ski areas start from the village centre and extend up to 2,200 m above sea level. There’s even a cross-border ski area: from the Kleinwalsertal it’s easy to ski across to Oberstdorf in Germany. An attractive snowpark, optimally prepared winter hiking trails and cross-country ski routes will inspire you to make the most of the snow. Regional cuisine is available in the mountain huts and in the valley.

The yellows and whites of mountain wildflowers contrast with the greens of the meadows and pine trees and the deep blue of the sky. In summertime, holiday offers are as rich and varied as nature’s palette of colours during Kleinwalsertaler Bergsommer. Hikers can explore the cross-border network between Austria and Germany. Mountain bikers, climbers and mountain runners will appreciate the countless routes and trails. Children can enjoy a mountain adventure programme, and culture enthusiasts will be delighted by the region’s diverse array of traditional events.

Palate pleasers
Regionalism and hospitality are top priorities in the Kleinwalsertal. At the GenussWirte and GenussHütten, dishes are prepared primarily with locally sourced ingredients. Often made from beef and venison, such specialities are characteristic of the valley. Some dishes are even prepared with hay from mountain huts. In summer, a culinary foray through this gourmet region takes place once a week and lasts several hours. Tastings are included.

Regain your rhythm
Activating, regenerating or balancing? An HRV (heart rate variability) measurement can provide a visualisation of the right stimulation to help promote your personal wellbeing. This special health check is offered exclusively in the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg. The subsequent analysis can provide recommendations for personalised exercise programmes. You can embark on a journey to better health along trails specifically created to promote fitness. In winter, cross-country ski trails fulfill the same purpose.

Breitachklamm Winter, Eis, Fackelwanderung (c) Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Genießen auf der Sonna Alp © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
Skivergnüngen, Skifahren am Walmendingerhorn, Sonnenski Kleinwalsertal © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
Wandern im Kleinwalsertal © Frank Drechsel / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Hirschegg im Kleinwalsertal im Winter © Frank Drechsel/Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Wandern und Entspannen in der Natur © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
GenussWirt Hoheneck, Mittelberg © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Sonnenaufgangswanderung aufs Walmendingerhorn im Kleinwalsertal © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
Wildnistag © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
E-Bike im Kleinwalsertal, Naturgenuss Vorarlberg @ Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus

Snow and ice transform the awe-inspiring Breitach gorge into a fairy-tale landscape

Whether in mountain-top lodges or restaurants down in the valley, take your pick from regional specialities

In the Kleinwalsertal there is a choice of leisurely descents as well as daredevil runs and deep powder

Snow-fun for everyone in the Kleinwalsertal

What an enchanting sight! Mountain ranges line the Kleinwalsertal, a wide high-alpine valley, on three sides.

The virtually unspoilt natural mountain landscape invites you to find you own rhythm and revitalise yourself.

In the Kleinwalsertal Gourmet Region the cuisine comprises mouthwatering regional specialities - often using local beef or venison.

In the Kleinwalsertal hikers can choose from trails through the valley at minimum 1,000 m or from mid-elevation mountain trails at over 2,000 m.

Wilderness Day in the Kleinwalsertal allows children and their parents to get up close to nature

Mountain biking, e-biking, leisurely cycling or taking part in a guided tour - in the Kleinwalsertal there’s something for everyone

Experience true vitality in the Kleinwalsertal: a holistic approach to improving quality of life, health and wellbeing with a little bit of help from nature.

Skigebiet Kanzelwand, Kleinwalsertal (c) Kleinwalertal Tourismus eGen
Wedeling the slopes between Austria and Germany