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Xibee App (c) Xibee GmbH
Souvenir Made in Vorarlberg

Xibee - shop regionally 24/7

With the Xibee app - 24/7 shopping for regional products. Where are the vending machines and self-service stations nearby? Where can I still get eggs, flowers or a spontaneous souvenir late at night?

A young start-up in Dornbirn has addressed the issues of “regional purchasing” , “short supply chains” and “flexibility and clarity for the buyer” and developed an app that brings it all together.

On Xibee, the locations of all vending machines and self-service locations in the region of direct marketers and producers are shown at a glance. The app shows which regional products are available around the clock in the immediate vicinity. Eggs, milk, ice cream, beverages, flowers, oils, snacks, daily necessities and even pharmacy products are available 24/7.

No matter when, if there’s a spontaneous barbecue coming up on the weekend or you need a quick late-night souvenir, Xibee will find vending machines nearby. The app can be searched by location or by product and notifies you when your favorite locations have new deals.

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