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VASODesigns Juppovaso © Aaron Strahammer / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Souvenir Made in Vorarlberg

Vasô - Vases from corn starch

3D printer vases in sleek design: sustainable, stylish, special

Vasô – Vases made of (partly recycled) PLA bioplastic, designed and produced in the Bregenzerwald.

The vases are available in different colors and impress with their simple design – and especially with their sustainable production. PLA bioplastic (obtained for example from renewable raw materials such as corn starch) is the so-called filmament used in the 3D printer. In 3D printing (FDM process), the filmament is pressed through a 220 °C hot nozzle, so that the individual ultra-thin layers are fused together. The large vase, for example, consists of 520 layers that are 0.2 mm thick; remnants are recycled and reused.

A very special piece is the “Juppôvasô” which is designed in the style of the traditional Bregenzerwald costume, the “Juppe”, black (or white) pleated with a blue stripe.