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From Alp Cheese to Sura Kees and Goat’s-Cheese Camembert

Cheese culture in Vorarlberg

What’s the secret of Vorarlberg’s cheeses? That’s easy: Natural purity

Peter Dünser, Cheese manufacture in Schnifis, in the Falstaff Magazine

Be it Alp Cheese, Mountain Cheese, Cream Cheese, Sura Kees or various other cheese specialities made from goat’s or sheep’s milk, there are many varieties of top quality cheese from Vorarlberg to enjoy. Locally made cheese is the flagship product of Vorarlberg’s agriculture and is both prized and popular far beyond its regional borders. In fact, 60% of milk produced in Vorarlberg is used to make cheese specialities. Centuries of craftsmanship and modern production combine to create Vorarlberg cheese’s unique character. It’s an extra special delicacy with deep roots in the regional culture.

The range of different cheese tastes is always surprising. For instance, there’s spicy Mountain Cheese made from hay milk, fine Emmentaler Cheese with aroma of citrus and Muscat, a silky-creamy Bachensteiner Cheese or Goat’s-Cheese Camembert. With a broad range of tastes, these cheese varieties from Vorarlberg have earned the right to be enjoyed like fine wines.

Livestock farming characterises the cultivated landscape

Hay fields, steep mountain meadows, Alpine pastures and productive meadows and pastures deliver feed to over 24,000 milk cows, 1,500 goats and hundreds of milk-producing sheep, who together produce valuable milk for foodstuffs. A centuries-old cultivated landscape is the “by-product” of livestock farming and Alpine farms, or “Alp” as they are called, are an especially attractive cultivated environment. Such farms play a particularly important role in Alpine agriculture practised in three stages, a culturally protected practice of seasonal mountain pastures. At the around 130 mountain pasture dairies in Vorarlberg, protected-designation Vorarlberg Alp Cheese and Montafon Sura Kees are produced. The production of Alp cheese is based on centuries old knowledge and refined practices, as well as the skill of high-Alpine-dairy farmers. The result: Unmistakably tasty products that are authentic, regional and sustainable!

Alpe Batzen, Bregenzerwald, Schröcken, Immaterielles Kulturerbe Voarlberg (c) Ludwig Berchtold
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Käsekeller, Stutzalpe, Kleinwalsertal (c) Dietmar Denger / Vorarlberg Tourimus
Bergfrühstück, Alpe Steris, Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal (c) Wiebke Meyer / Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH
Bergsennerei Schnepfau © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Enjoy cheese – On holiday and at home

Vorarlberg cheese can be enjoyed at one of the many managed mountain pasture dairies, at inns and in restaurants. Innkeepers and chefs throughout Vorarlberg have devoted themselves to cheese and its refined use in delicious cuisine. By the way: Vorarlberg Mountain Cheese and Alp Cheese produced at the mountain pasture dairies have a protected-designation, which guarantees their high quality and origin.

Cheese is a popular culinary souvenir. Cheese loving holidaymakers, who want to enjoy the great taste of Vorarlberg cheese at home, can simply order their next fresh batch at online cheese shops for home delivery.

Tips for cheese lovers