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Sura Kees Herstellung auf der Alp Nova im Montafon © Stefan Kothner / Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns
How delicious cheese is made from milk

Making cheese yourself

Cheese: Made in many small cheese dairies in summer or even in Alpine pasture dairies.

The most famous speciality from Vorarlberg is cheese, namely aromatic Mountain Cheese. This hard cheese is produced in many small cheese dairies, at Alpine pasture dairies in summer. Additional specialities include mild Alpkäse cheese, Emmentaler, and tender Cream Cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk. “Sura Kees”, a low-fat cheese with a mild aroma, is a typical of Montafon.

Rather make your own? In Vorarlberg there are many different ways for groups to learn more about the history of Vorarlberg cheese and to make a cheese yourself.

Käselaib im Käsekeller Bregenzerwald, Lingenau © Ludwig Berchtold / KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald
Sura Kees, a special dish in the Montafon © Daniel Zangerl / Montafon Tourismus GmbH, Schruns

Whether hard or low-fat cheese, there’s something delicious for every cheese lover in Vorarlberg!

Making cheese yourself

Interested participants can learn how to transform milk into cheese at the cheese-making school run by Ingo Metzler in Egg , at the Käsehaus Montafon, or at the biosphä in Großes Walsertal.

Ingo Metzler’s cheese-making school in Egg Bregenzerwald
At Ingo Metzler’s cheese-making school, you can learn to make your own Cream Cheese from carefully selected ingredients and fresh milk according to grandmother’s recipe. Learn everything you need to know about cheese making, e.g., which role whey plays in production. After you have regained your strength with a cheese snack, you can take your self-made cheese home with you.
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Participants: min. 8, max. 20 people
Price per person: 79 EUR
Times and additional information available here: Ingo Metzler cheese-making school (in German)
Please direct all requests to

Ziegen bei Metzler Naturhautnah im Bregenzerwald © Christine Andorfer
Ziegenkäse Produkte von Metzler Naturhautnah im Bregenzerwald © Robert Kalb

The Metzler Sennschule is a school of a special kind: for both aspiring and hardcore cheese lovers alike!

Käsehaus Montafon
The cheese-making school at the Käsehaus Montafon in Schruns offers a special experience for individuals or groups (up to 120 people). In 1.5 to 2 hours, you can make your own cheese under the watchful eyes of a professional helper. At the end, enjoy a delicious farmer’s buffet with regional delicacies.
Price per person: 49 EUR
Times and additional information available here: Käsehaus Montafon (in German)
Please direct all requests to

biosphä Grosses Walsertal
At the biospä  visitors will learn all sorts of interesting facts about the world of the Walser cheese maker in years past. Discover how decades of refined practices are used to produce a top-class cheese: the “Walserstolz.” In addition to cheese-making courses, there are also various guided tours with cheese tasting, the chance to watch cheese being made, and the possibility to purchase Walser specialities.
Appointments and information is available at the website of the biosphä

Sura Kees from Käsehaus Montafon © Käsehaus Montafon
Erlebnissennen im Biosphä, Großes Walsertal © Monika Bischof

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