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Vorarlberger Kässpätzle ©
A ‘Spätz-iality’

Vorarlberg Kässpätzle

Delicious egg pasta with cheese and roasted onion - the traditional Kässpätzle (or Käsknöpfle as they are also called) are a true delight.

Those who truly appreciate the great taste of local food should try typical Vorarlberg Kässpätzle cheese spaetzle, which is prepared a little differently here. In Montafon, for example, the Spätzle gets its special flavour from “Sura Kees,” an aromatic low-fat cheese. In other regions, the dish is usually seasoned with a mixture of mild and aromatic mountain cheese, accompanied by potato salad, green salad or homemade applesauce.

How to prepare "Vorarlberg Kässpätzle" step by step

Kässpätzle Recipe from Vorarlberg

  • Ingredients for 4 people
    5 eggs
    500 g of strong all-purpose flour (Austrian flour type 480)
    125 ml water
    Pinch of salt, nutmeg
    100 g Vorarlberg mountain cheese
    100 g Vorarlberg Alpine cheese (Emmental as an alternative)
    100g Vorarlberg Räßkäse cheese
    1 onion, peeled and cut in slices
    150 g butter
    1/2 bunch of chives
    Ground pepper

  • Preparation
    Knead the eggs, flour, salt, nutmeg and some lukewarm water into smooth dough. The dough should have a texture between liquid and firm. Using a Spätzle device, grate the dough into the boiling water. As soon as the Spätzle rise to the water surface, strain them out of the water. Mix the cheese. Then layer together the Spätzle and cheese bit by bit in the buttered pan. Heat up the butter in a small pan. Roast the onions until golden brown. Ensure that the onions do not get too browned. This means removing the light brown onions from the pan and using kitchen roll to soak up the grease. Garnish the Kässpätzle with some diced chives and the browned onions. Season with pepper.

    Recipe: Michael Ritter