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Vetterhof, Made in Vorarlberg, Video © Markus Gmeiner Matak films / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Video “Made in Vorarlberg”

Shrewdness redefined

From the organically certified Vetterhof in Lustenau to the restaurant and foodservice industry

“Krautfunding”, vegetable boxes, herds of mother cows, free-range pigs – the list of innovative ideas from Simon Vetter and his team is seemingly endless. The Lustenau resident is part of a generation of organic farmers, who are proud of their heritage yet open to new measures, definitions of highest quality and what it takes to have a really strong brand (as opposed to disappearing amidst the masses of other farm producers on the market).

It all starts with product design including packaging and transport solutions from the region and continues with new innovations such as gin made from self-harvested blueberries and herbs. The Elfenküche in Dornbirn is just one of the countless restaurants that already rely on the farm’s high-quality organic products. The urban soup making operation from Ulli Marberger is making waves with its simple concept and deliciously healthy dishes – a perfect example of the advantages of comprehensive food management.


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