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Metzler, Made in Vorarlberg, Video © Markus Gmeiner Matak films / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Video “Made in Vorarlberg”

Cosmetic Products made in Vorarlberg

Milk processing is a family affair - The Metzlers produce cosmetics and drinks made from whey in addition to cheeses from cow and goat’s hay milk.

As you might imagine, the Metzler family farm in Egg is not exactly the idyllic farmhouse from an episode of Heidi: This family-owned Bregenzerwald enterprise has simply become too large. And yet the property is nevertheless an impressive example of the power of regional production and innovation, which has found fans and imitators far beyond Vorarlberg’s borders.

At the beginning there was milk from which (in addition to a variety of delicious cheeses in all varieties and grades of maturity) numerous whey products (food and cosmetic products) were produced. Today these products form the backbone of the entire enterprise. Numerous areas of the farm are open to the public including the herb gardens, the high-tech cooling and heating facilities, an Alpine-dairy school, a farm shop (where cheeses and cosmetic products are sold) or even the animals’ stalls.

In addition to innovative ideas, partnerships are a key part of what make the farm so important to the region: Numerous hotels and restaurants make use of the farm’s wares. The farm even raises special pig, fowl, and small-animal varieties for top-chef Thorsten Probost (Burg Vital Hotel, Oberlech). The highly decorated Vorarlberg cook has been a fan of the Metzler family for years and uses their high-quality ingredients to make his outstanding cuisine.


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