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Schobel Höchstgenuss, Made in Vorarlberg, Video © Markus Gmeiner Matak films / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Video “Made in Vorarlberg”

A passion for creating gourmet wares

Harald Schobel’s is passionate about fruits. His “black nuts” are taking the kitchens of top restaurants by storm.

Turning one’s passion into a career is for many the culmination of a life’s pursuit. When Harald Schobel took his first steps in this regard, his products were already well respected. Outstanding fine spirits were just one aspect of this success.

Dissatisfied with the selection of dried fruits being offered at the time, he developed a new and more gentle process that ensures the ideal consistency and maximum taste of the fruit. Since that time, his strawberries, plums and various apple varieties in particular have been available in all important shops in addition to many breakfast buffets in Vorarlberg hotels.

His unique products have allowed him to conquer the kitchens (and hearts) of top restaurateurs. His “black nuts”, which are unripe pickled walnuts made according to a special process, have become extra special aromatic ingredients for dishes of all kinds. But of course, such products are especially popular in special restaurants like the Ernele at the Schiff in Hittisau, which emphasise the use of local products of such high quality.


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