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Markus Faisst, Made in Vorarlberg, Video © Markus Gmeiner Matak films / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Video “Made in Vorarlberg”

The tree-whisperer from Hittisau

Markus Faißt and his employees at the woodworking workshop in Hittisau manufacture first-class furniture.

Entire books would have to be written in order to truly understand the craftsmanship philosophy of Markus Faißt. After all, what at first glance may appear to be a modern carpentry operation from the outside, is instead a science unto itself.

Contemporary design, efficient and careful workmanship, the sustainable use raw materials and value placed in the skills and contributions of all employees come naturally to this virtuoso of wood working. For Markus Faißt, products must be understood in context of their place of use. For whom is the piece conceived? What are the motivations? Every piece of craftsmanship has its own individual history and, like a fine wine, grows in potential each year.

A contract from the municipality of Hittisau is intended to highlight this process. In the name of the “common good,” the spirit of Franz Michael Felder was first felt during an exhibition in the Werkraum Andelsbuch and is now a permanent part of Hittisau’s town hall.


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