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Hommage an Brigantium, Frühling am Bodensee, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum (c) cs I Vorarlberg Tourismus

Exploring art while out and about

"Art stops" in Vorarlberg - art in public spaces

Art and culture in public spaces

Art stops

Encounter art and culture everywhere you go: Slow down and take the time to appreciate featured works of art in public spaces

Over the past few years, art in public spaces has changed its ‘standpoint’ considerably. What once may have served as an “equestrian statue” or “statue,” a visible “monument on a massive pedestal,” a figure of power, or a “decorative element” along a promenade, now has a completely different stance.

When it comes to buildings, natural sites, inner-city areas, streets, driveways, parks, etc., artists now are more concerned with opening up squares and spaces and making use of functional connections. This may sometimes concern highly visible, visual anchor points or perhaps discreetly hidden works of art, which invite one to stay and linger such as atmospherically coherent and inviting solutions, i.e. true “art stops.”

Let us welcome you: Become drawn to these special places and allow yourself space to contemplate.
Tip: Featured objects and more are available in the digital map below.

Art in public spaces

Art stops - selected tips