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Traditionelle und zeitgenössische Architektur im Bregenzerwald (c) Jana Sabo - / Bregenzerwald Tourismus
General information

Eye-catching Architecture

For many years, Vorarlberg has been a trailblazer of contemporary architecture. The fame of innovative craftspeople, especially those grouped in the Werkraum Bregenzerwald cooperative, has spread far beyond the regional borders. The ubiquitous “passion for homebuilding” can be discovered hands-on in many different ways.

Elegant simplicity

Urban or rural: Vorarlberg boasts an eye-catching mix of traditional and contemporary (timber) architecture. Architecture lovers have set their focus particularly on recent works. The new buildings, eye-catchers amid natural scenery, stand out for uncluttered lines and blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Inside, they impress by their smart functionality. Energy-efficient construction is a matter of course, as is fitting rooms with ecologically sound furniture and materials. And this is where the craftspeople come in again. They design tables and chairs, beds and sofas, shelves and cabinets, based on age-old techniques, with innovative spirit, to blend in seamlessly with contemporary architecture. The result is spaces that are pleasing to look at and pleasant to live in. As a visitor, you can experience such comfortable living in several hotels, holiday homes and apartments, but also in restaurants. Several cultural venues have won archi­tectural awards, including Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB), the Women’s Museum in Bregenzer­wald, and the culture pavilion Blumenegg in the Grosses Walsertal biosphere reserve. Tips on restaurants where architecture and culinary harmonize in a special way are collected by architect Marina Hämmerle and art and culinary historian Renate Breuß.

Architecture Trails

What special buildings are there to see, and what stories do they tell us? For the best insights, there are seven Architecture Trails to discover. These half-day or full-day tours explore different themes such as “Village spaces”, “Innovation and craftsmanship”, or “Landscape and nature”. Interactive maps and an accompanying folder show where the buildings are located.

Looking around

Alongside the Architecture Trails, there are many other possibilities to find out more about archi­tecture in Vorarlberg. All across Vorarlberg, specially designed sites invite visitors to pause and have a look around, ranging from the Salgenreute chapel in Bregenzerwald to the modern Montforthaus building with its beautiful terrace in Feldkirch to the underground Sky­space in Lech, designed by the US artist James Turrell. 12 “Umgang Bregenzerwald“ trails in Bregenzerwald, all village circuits, shed light on regional architecture and design. Modern arti­sanry is showcased at the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch, with varying exhibitions being hosted. Another much-visited attraction is BUS:STOP Krumbach. This is a string of seven striking bus stops in the Bregenzerwald village of Krumbach that were designed and developed by archi­tecture firms from all over the world in cooperation with Vorarlberg architects and crafts­people.

Hint: Green travel in Vorarlberg

For many years, rail and bus services in Vorarlberg have been interconnected and dovetailed according to a coordinated schedule. Hop on and off public transport to explore all of Vorarlberg. Practical: Regional Inclusive Cards, guest cards, ski passes and tickets for some museums and events are also valid for travel by public transport.


Montforthaus Feldkirch, (c) Petra Rainer
Hirschen Schwarzenberg Aussenansicht © Angela Lamprecht / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch (c) Rupert Mühlbacher - Bregenzerwald Tourismus
Busstop Krumbach, Bränden © Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel / Vorarlberg Tourismus
 (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Kapelle Vordere Niedere © Michael Meusburger - Bregenzerwald Tourismus.jpg
Skihuette Der Wolf © Dietmar Denger / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Montforthaus Feldkirch

Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald

Werkraum Haus Building in Andelsbuch

BUS:STOP Krumbach

Facade of vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

Fuchsegg Eco Lodge in Schetteregg in Bregenzerwald

Theodul Chapel in Bregenzerwald

Ski hut "Der Wolf" in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

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