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Vorarlberg Museum (c) Hanspeter Schiess
Exhibitions and the best views

vorarlberg museum

The vorarlberg museum in Bregenz features entertaining exhibitions, interesting perspectives and outstanding insights

vorarlberg museum: A facade of flowers and panoramic views

This building is also impressive from an architectural standpoint. Over 16,000 blossoms made from concrete adorn the facade, whilst the showroom on the fourth floor is especially awe-inspiring. The darkness of the interior space invites visitors to admire the constantly changing scenery of Lake Constance from an enormous panoramic window.

The museum’s permanent exhibition provides insights into the region’s cultural history and also features changing exhibitions on various topics. The architectural firm Cukrowicz Nachbaur from Vorarlberg designed the architecture of the museum, which integrates historically protected elements. The facade with its 16,656 concrete flowers is especially arresting. Interestingly, these blossoms are actually nothing more than the imprints of commercial PET bottles. The Swiss architect and mathematician Urs Beat Roth helped with the artistic arrangement by geometrically interpreting the concept conceived by South Tyrolean artist Manfred Alois Mayr. From a distance, the viewer recognises only ellipses, squares and other geometric forms, which actually adorn the facade as relief.


Vorarlberg Museum © Gregor Lengler / Vorarlberg Tourismus
vorarlberg museum, bregenz, architektur (c) andreas praefcke / wikimedia commons

The vorarlberg museum at the culture mile in Bregenz:
“We were quite pleased and proud to receive the 2016 Austrian Museum Prize, which was an official recognition of our hard work.”

Museum Director Andreas Rudigier

Special exhibitions


Special exhibition on all floors

Sagmeister & Walsh Beauty
9 April 2022 until 16 October 2022


With their exhibition project Beauty, the New York based Vorarlberg graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister and the American graphic designer Jessica Walsh, make  a visually impressive multimedia plea for us to take delight in beauty. Their exhibition investigates why people feel attracted to certain objects or concepts and what positive effects beauty can have.


Special Exhibition on the Third Floor

At Your Own Risk
29 May 2022 until spring 2023

What frightens you? Where do you feel safe? Who or what protects you? The strategies to deal with dangers have changed over time. Our ancestors started to secure slopes and regulate streams and rivers, they founded fire brigades, insurance companies and the police force who have always been, and still are, monitoring compliance with the rules. Meanwhile, the greatest threat to mankind seems to be man himself – climatic disasters, wars, the pandemic. Safety is primarily built on trust – formerly in the good Lord, today in the government. How safe do you feel? Come and explore this exhibition … at your own risk.

Light Installation by Miriam Prantl in the Staircase


The Vorarlberg artist Miriam Prantl created the light installation Colours/Lights/Lake for the staircase featuring a gentle play of colours that reflects different light atmospheres at Lake Constance. The railing is equipped with LED strip lights whose upward light movement corresponds to the programming of seven light boxes in the stairwell. Slowing down, calming down, contemplation – the effect of the colours and the light attune visitors for the exhibition.


Core exhibitions


Exhibition on the 3rd Floor

Cosmopolitan City or?
Brigantium in the 1st Century A.D. 

A forum the size of a football pitch, an ancient Roman spa, the craft and trade quarter at the Tschermakgarten in Bregenz – the public and private buildings of Brigantium dating from the first century A.D. all fire up your imagination. Was Bregenz a city during the time of the Romans? There is a lot to suggest that it was, but no clear evidence to confirm this. Based on the most recent scientific findings and archaeological finds, the exhibition invites museum visitors to speculate in a well-informed manner about Brigantium, its residents and visitors.

Permanent Exhibition Second Floor

buchstäblich vorarlberg
Insights into the Collection

Our collection comprises close to 160,000 objects from the fields of archaeology, art, everyday culture and history. The exhibition showcases very important and, at first glance, also less important objects from the museum’s rich holdings in alphabetical order. It starts with the letter “A” for “angelica-mad,” showing engravings by the artist Angelika Kauffmann, and ends with the letter “Z” for “zahla” (to pay), which features the hoard of coins found at Sonderberg Castle. In between schnapps glasses, self-portraits by Edmund Kalb, pommels, the estates of Fritz Krcal and Kundeyt Surdum, priest’s vestments, herbariums …

Coming up


Exhibition in the Event Hall on the 1st Floor

“Zur Krippe her kommet”
19 Nativity Scenes for the Museum
26 November until 8 January 2023

The collection of the vorarlberg museum lacked nativity scenes, particularly contemporary ones, despite the 19 nativity construction groups with some 1,500 members that are active in the federal state. In order to document the art of contemporary nativity scene construction, these associations built scenes especially for the museum, with an astonishing diversity of nativity scenes created. Various designs and special local features were integrated depending on the region or valley they were built in. For nine nativity scenes, the members of the associations also created the figures, the others were made by wood sculptors of Vorarlberg.

Exhibitions of vorarlberg museum


Opening times/Entry

  • Opening times
    Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 am – 06.00 pm
    Thursday 10.00 am – 08.00 pm

    museumscafé daily 9.30 am - 7.00 pm

  • Entry
    Regular ticket: €9; Reduced ticket*: €7
    Annual ticket: €36, Reduced ticket*: €28
    Groups from 15 people: €7 per person

    * reduced tickets and annual pass are available for visitors from the age of 20 to 27 years and elder than 60 years as well as people with handycap.

  • Combi tickets
    vorarlberg museum and Kunsthaus Bregenz
    Regular combi ticket: €17
    Reduced combi ticket: €12 - €14

  • Information
    "Kulturhäuser Card" - 365 days of culture
    Free entry for the entire year to the vorarlberg museum, the Kunsthaus Bregenz and all three performances at the Vorarlberger Landestheater

vorarlberg museum (c) Petra Rainer - Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus

Wondrous scenes from the perspective of Austrian artist Florian Pumhösl on the 4th floor

    • vorarlberg museum, Bregenz

      vorarlberg museum

      Das vorarlberg museum geht auf die Gründung des Vorarlberger Landesmuseumsvereins im Jahr 1857 zurück. 

      vorarlberg museum
      vorarlberg museum
      vorarlberg museum
      Street: Kornmarktplatz 1
      Place: 6900 Bregenz
      Phone: +43 5574 46050
      Fax: +43 5574 46050520

      vorarlberg museum

      Das vorarlberg museum geht auf die Gründung des Vorarlberger Landesmuseumsvereins im Jahr 1857 zurück. 


      The vorarlberg museum, with its extensive historical, archeological, art historical and ethnographic collections, is one of the central institutions for the research and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Austrian State of Vorarlberg. This museum considers itself to be the museum for local, regional and international culture. It unites history with the present and promotes insights and outlooks. It relates to and about people and things. Its exhibits not…

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