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Rigoletto, Lake Stage, 2019 (c) Anja Köhler / Bregenzer Festspiele

Sound worlds at Lake Constance

Bregenz Festival 2022: 20 July - 21 August

Summer of Culture
in Vorarlberg

Great Opera on the Lake Stage

Bregenz Festival

The lake stage in Bregenz is a venue for theatrical spectaculars

In 2022, Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly will be performed on the lake stage on a total of 25 evenings. As the Opera in the Festspielhaus, the Bregenz Festival will present Siberia (1903) by Umberto Giordano.

The two works crossed paths more than 100 years ago, when Giordano’s verismo opera was performed for the postponed premiere of Madame Butterfly at La Scala in Milan.

Madame Butterfly

The Japanese geisha Cio-Cio-San, called Butterfly, revels in happiness when the American lieutenant Pinkerton marries her. The love culminates in an enchanting duet. It is a clash of worlds and values, because while Pinkerton feels free and marries an American woman back home, Butterfly, who is full of love, hope and longing, waits for his return for three long years – together with their child. Her well-known aria »Un bel dì vedremo« goes right into the heart. When Pinkerton suddenly returns with his American wife, Cio-Cio-San makes an inevitable decision.

Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, one of the most played operas today, comes to the Lake Stagefor the first time with Enrique Mazzola, who was also responsible for the Rigoletto production, conducting. Director Andreas Homoki, who is the artistic director of the Opernhaus Zürich, and his internationally renowned team use Michael Levine’s magical stage set with its subtle landscape paintings to bring Japanese flair to Lake Constance.

The biggest spectacle on the lake for years […]

Austria Press Agency about "Rigoletto" (2019 & 2021 at Bregenz Festival)
Seebühne Rigoletto, Bregenzer Festspiele, Pressetag (c) cs / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Visit "Rigoletto" backstage!
Opera SIBERIA by Umberto Giordano in the Festival House

On 21 July 2022, Umberto Giordano’s Siberia celebrates its premiere as the Opera at the Festspielhaus. It is a dreadful act of love when Stephana gives up her life as a mistress at an elegant townhouse in St. Petersburg to follow her true love Vassili to a Siberian prison camp. There, in this exile, Stephana turns into a fearless hero.

In his Italian opera Siberia, Umberto Giordano portrays the sensational and dense plot, the lively emotions of the characters and the impressive choir in the style of Verismo. Passionate outbursts end in lustful moments between the lovers and convince with real emotions intensified even more by what seems like cinematic flashbacks. Fascinating Russian sounds ranging from the former national anthem of Russia, “God Save the Tsar!” to the traditional “Song of the Volga Boatmen” are embedded within the dramatic music.

Orchestral Concerts: Vienna Symphony Orchestra & Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra

While the Opera at the Festspielhaus takes you to Siberia, the Orchestral Concerts bring masterpieces of Russian conductors to you. It was with passionate dramatic art that Tchaikovsky transformed several of Shakespeare’s works into symphonic fantasies. Personal and societal destinies find great emotional expression not only in his fifth but also in Shostakovich’s tenth symphony. Kian Soltani, who was raised in Vorarlberg, will have his first appearance at Bregenz Festival when he brings Shotakovich’s cello concerto on stage together with the Wiener Symphoniker. Following this, the orchestra dives into the fairy-tale world of One Thousand and One Nights, which Rimski-Korsakow paints in glowing colors of sound. Student Igor Strawinski honored his teacher post mortem with a short opus, which had only been rediscovered in 2015.


Livecam Seebühne, Bregenzer Festspiele, Bodensee

Livecam Lake Stage, Bregenz Festival, Lake Constance


  • "Madame Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini
    Lake Stage
    Premier 20 July 2022, 9.15 p.m
    25 Performances until 21 August

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    Pre-sale starts on 4 October 2021.

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Bregenz Festival, Lake Constance