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Sonnwendfeuer - Berge in Flammen im Montafon (c) Andreas Gassner I Vorarlberg Tourismus
Mountain bonfires

Solstice fires in Vorarlberg

Around 21 June - when the longest day and the shortest night meet - mountain bonfires are lit in many places. In 2024, the solstice is on Thursday (20 June), so the solstice celebrations will take place on the weekend between 21 and 23 June 2024.

An ancient custom rekindled
The summer solstice is an ancient custom dating back to the Middle Ages. As early as the 14th century, bonfires were lit on Vorarlberg’s mountain ridges to give thanks for a rich harvest.

Every year, on the weekend close to the longest day (“solstice”), bonfires light up the night sky on the mountainsides of Vorarlberg. Though the solstice is traditionally celebrated close to the longest day of the year, this is also a time associated with other beliefs and customs. For example, any plants or herbs harvested on this day are said to have special healing powers, and whoever sees a firefly shall be lucky in love…

Information about the history of solstice in Montafon and other important dates:
During the summer solstice, bonfires light up the night sky on Montafon’s mountains: On countless peaks, volunteers set up the solstice fires as dusk settles in. The sight of the mountains blazing bright is an unforgettable experience.
In the valley below, many private clubs and associations organise solstice bonfires.  As a result, every year it’s exciting to see which peaks and areas are adorned with chains of fires in interesting shapes.

Summer solstice celebrations in Vorarlberg

Solstice fires in 2024

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