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Restaurant Guth Interior (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Restaurant Guth in Lauterach

A pioneer in the interplay of taste and space

TEXT: Renate Breuß and Marina Hämmerle

Restaurant Guth in Lauterach opened as a dining establishment without an alcohol licence in the early twentieth century. Back then, large companies from the surrounding area would entrust their team catering needs to the restaurant crew, with an optional delivery service available upon request.

Today, the Guth maintains its close connections to the entrepreneurial community, albeit without a catering service. As well as offering a meeting spot for business lunches and a space for artistic activities in the park, it works closely with architects and craftspeople. All these relationships are nourished with good food and mutual appreciation. The renovation of the house in 2001 was closely linked to a group of architects from the New Vorarlberg School of Building who used to spend their lunch breaks at this simple inn, enjoying lively conversations over a hearty meal. That was how Thomas Scheucher, third-generation owner of the house since 1999, found ‘his’ architect, Christian Lenz – and his decision continues to pay off today, 20 years later. The gastronomic culture of Vorarlberg has benefited greatly from this pioneering bond of culinary and architectural art and the successful blend of old and new.

Restaurant Guth Hauptspeise (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Restaurant Guth Ausblick auf Garten (c) Lukas Hämmerle

All the dishes served at the restaurant are inspired by the same passion for a challenge, by this confident combining of the traditional with the surprising. Alongside innovatively and accurately made fish, meat and vegetable specialities, quality offal is one of the most popular classics at the Guth. These dishes are unforgiving of error: everything must be perfect, from the animal husbandry to the preparation and cooking. Vegetables from organic, regional sources pull out all the stops when it comes to flavour, colour and consistency.

The desserts are more than a feast for the eyes, too: at the end of a satisfying meal, there is nothing more pleasant than resting a bite on your tongue until it simply melts in your mouth, leaving your palate enchanted. The space itself exudes the same sense of well-being. As your eyes feast on the opulent embroidery on the curtains, the tasteful dining hall and the spacious park, your muscles relax and you ease yourself gently into the comfortable upholstery with its classical designs. Cleverly crafted furniture makes it possible to adjust this setting as needed: each table can be extended to accommodate any size of group.

Restaurant Guth Dessert (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Restaurant Guth anrichten (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Restaurant Guth Vorspeise (c) Lukas Hämmerle

This sustainable approach to design is tangible throughout the Guth. Thomas Scheucher likes to reiterate his ancestors’ motto: cheap is expensive. You get what you pay for. He takes great pleasure in his guests’ loyalty and joy; to him, that is the greatest reward, more satisfying even than the constant stream of Gault&Millau toques and Michelin Stars knocking on his door. Anyone who visits the Guth immediately senses all the loving labour that has made this restaurant what it is.

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