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Fuchsegg Innen (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Eco Lodge, Schetteregg

Welcome to the Vorsäß!

TEXT: Renate Breuß and Marina Hämmerle

If the idea of a compact hiking region and ski resort with a thoroughly relaxing pace of life sounds appealing to you, be sure to take the Schetteregg exit at Egg-Großdorf. If you also enjoy the contemporary, high-quality timber architecture and craftsmanship of the Vorarlberg region, enjoy sampling innovative regional dishes, and appreciate a warm and generous atmosphere, we recommend that you head straight for the Fuchsegg Eco Lodge. A combination of a mountain hotel and a traditional inn, the Eco Lodge is a dream come true for its owner, Carmen Can, who has fond memories of many a childhood holiday spent in this area. All her family are actively involved in the management and upkeep of the lodge. Her go-to architects, Elmar Lutz and Philip Ludescher, are as understanding as they are experienced, and their interpretation of Carmen’s ideas and the unique location is spot on.

Fuchsegg Schetteregg Carmen Can (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Inneneinrichtung (c) Lukas Hämmerle

The architecture of the year-round hospitality concept is based on the traditional concept of a Vorsäß – a collectively farmed assembly of farms and barns located between the valley and the mountain pasture. Simple wooden buildings with a saddled roof form a composition that exudes calm. The inner life of the artful timber buildings is all the more sophisticated: in the central guest room of the main house, a spacious wooden table beckons new arrivals to have a seat, while the bar and lounge area offers a welcoming environment for young and old, overnight guests and day trippers to mingle and socialise. There is also space for the seminar participants from the first floor, who have a choice between the more intimate parlours and the large dining room. A bright, friendly ambiance permeates the entire lodge, and the outstanding quality of all finishes and materials is clearly visible in every detail. In the evening, tasteful lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Fuchsegg Schetteregg Innenraum (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Schetteregg (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Küche (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Gaststube (c) Lukas Hämmerle

Now, what ties it all together? That’s right: a kitchen team drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature with its abundance of mountain herbs and blueberries and sourcing its ingredients from the many small suppliers of the region, whose goods include Ittensberg lambs, potatoes grown in Andelsbuch, ‘Sig’ Alpine caramel and fish fresh from Lake Constance. From this concept of a small supply radius, the chefs of the Fuchsegg Eco Lodge conjure up an impressive range of flavours. Their interestingly textured, pleasantly light creations enchant the palate and soothe the stomach. Thankfully, the inn at the Eco Lodge is not just open to hotel guests and seminar participants.

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