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Montforthaus Feldkirch Ausblick Terrasse © Vorarlberg Tourismus-Agnes Ammann
Modern times meets Middle Ages

The Montforthaus in Feldkirch

The building’s large glass front gives one the feeling of transparency, while the rounded façades made of Jurassic limestone are reminiscent of a stage.

Welcome to the Montforthaus, erected in the shadow of the Schattenburg castle, on the outskirts of medieval Feldkirch. Built in 2015 on the former location of a congress centre from the 1970s, this modern new building replaced an architectural dinosaur that had become stylistically and functionally outdated.

Montforthaus Feldkirch (c) Petra Rainer
Montforthaus Feldkirch, (c) Petra Rainer
A delight for the senses

Berlin architect Hascher Jehle and Vorarlberg architect Mitiska Wäger designed the exterior of the round building to blend in harmoniously with the medieval ensemble. The stone façade with varying joints, laid according to an exact plan, is reminiscent of the folds of a curtain. Simultaneously, the spacious forecourt with tree islands conveys airiness. Light walls, floors of light oak parquet and wood contribute to a pleasant interior atmosphere. Proceeding through the building, the visitor is treated to beautiful views of the city which culminate at the café on the top floor that overlooks the rooftops of Feldkirch.

Dialogue and encounter

The Montforthaus has two halls: the pear-wood clad ‘Grosser Saal’ (great hall) and the golden ‘Kleiner Saal’ (small hall). The rooms are versatile and can be optionally connected together to create space for various performances. This is an ideal space for pop concerts with up to 3000 people or orchestral concerts and theatre performances with up to 1,000 audience members. There are also several smaller rooms which are suitable e.g. for conferences and seminars.

Tours by day, performances by night

The Montforthaus welcomes visitors during the day. A tour or a visit to the café with roof terrace is nearly always possible and very worthwhile. The evening hours are dedicated to event series, the biggest of which is the “Montforter Zwischentöne”, who play three times a year over several days at the Montforthaus and at other places in Feldkirch. Audiences can enjoy music, theatre, lively discussions and more.

The Montforthaus Feldkirch welcomes visitors throughout the year.

An architectural tour in the Rheintal valley

Discover the Montforthaus Feldkirch

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    Art and culture


    ... from Bregenz to Feldkirch.

    Vorarlberg’s diverse cultural landscape has been bolstered by the…

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