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Dessertvariation: Erdbeermousse, Rhabarber, Rote Bete Eis, Schokoladenerde © Angela Lamprecht / Vorarlberg Tourismus
A breath of fresh air in Vorarlberg’s kitchens

Innovative chefs

Vorarlberg’s kitchens have long been offering more than typical dishes like Kässpätzle (cheese spaetzle) and Riebel (corn semolina mash). Proof of this can be found in the fresh ideas and concepts coming from a series of young, innovative minds. Take for example the ‘Carte Blanche’ set menu – a surprise menu made from fresh seasonally available ingredients. Using fresh produce from the region and respecting the food are just as important to the up-and-coming stars in culinary circles. We visited young creative chefs in Vorarlberg and talked to them about their passion for their profession and its challenges.

Creative minds in Vorarlberg’s kitchens

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