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Andi Fritz Wildfuetterung Hoefle-Alp in Schwende © Dietmar Denger / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Gamekeeping in winter

Andi Fritz – hunter by trade

He is a professional hunter in his Kleinwalsertal home for 12 years. He feeds the wild animals in winter.

Andi Fritz is a hunter by trade – something he already wanted to do as a little boy because his father was also a hunter. “It’s got to be in your blood,” he says. “Because it’s much more than an eight-hour job.” In Kleinwalsertal he looks after the welfare of red deer, roe deer and chamois. “My main task now in winter is to feed the wild animals,” says Andi, who can’t even imagine living in the lowlands. He fills several mangers at Höfle Alp in Schwende early in the morning.

Video portrait Andi Fritz // Video: Fux & Hase; Music: Philipp Lingg

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The animals are brave enough in the evening to leave the forest. “That’s a great moment,” says the hunter, who has a broad understanding of his tasks: “The wildlife population and forest have to be healthy and you have to create areas of calm for the animals.” A positive example: A ski trail passes close to the feeding station and it works perfectly: “When everyone abides by the rules, the animals have their habitat and visitors are able to enjoy nature.”

Andi Fritz Wildfuetterung Hoefle-Alp in Schwende-25 © Dietmar Denger / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Wildfuetterung Hoefle-Alp in Schwende-32 © Dietmar Denger / Vorarlberg Tourismus

A wonderful moment? When I’m at my lookout and the animals turn up at the feeding station and I see that they’re all well.

Andi Fritz

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