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Vorarlberg Museum Bregenz (c) Gregor Lengler / Vorarlberg Tourismus


Immerse yourself in the living space and experience encounters at eye level

Vorarlberg Magazine

Encounters in Vorarlberg

Immerse yourself in the living space and come into contact with special places of encounter

Personal encounters are what make a stay in a vacation destination special, according to our thesis. The authors of the new Vorarlberg Magazine get to the bottom of the relationship between guests and hosts, present special places for encounters and provide tips and background information for discoveries in all six holiday regions.

An idea of what lies behind the topic was summarized by cultural anthropologist Theresa Frank in her essay “Why we travel”: “The conscious departure into the unknown always contains both opportunities and limits – and the possibility of experiencing enrichment in the encounter with the other. […] To seek encounters is to remain alive and curious.”

Vorarlberg Magazine

The theme of this magazine is places and encounters that make a stay in Vorarlberg special. Hosts tell why personal contact with people is so important to them, and in the towns, lifestyles, culture and enjoyment come together. In Vorarlberg Magazine.

Wochenmarkt in Dornbirn (c) Angela Lamprecht
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