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Architecture and landscape

Bio Bauernhof Vetterhof
Organic Farm Vetterhof
Islamic Cemetery
Islamic Cemetery
St. Arbogast, Götzis, Water Pavilion
St. Arbogast, Götzis, Water Pavilion
Driving Range, Golfclub Montfort, Rankweil
Open-air Museum Villa Rustika, Rankweil-Brederis
Alfenz bridge, Lorüns
Golmerbahn Mittelstation Matschwitz
Golmerbahn cableway
Illwerke Centre Montafon
Illwerke Zentrum Montafon, Vandans
Montafon Nordic Sportzentrum GmbH, Schruns-Tschagguns
Montafon Nordic Sportzentrum GmbH, Schruns-Tschagguns


Difficulty: leicht
Distance: 80.35 km
Ascent: 655 m
Descent: 395 m
Duration: 6 h
Deepest point: 398 m
Highest point: 681 m


  • Höhenprofil

    ... from Lake Constance to Montafon.

    “Building in context” has been one of the core maxims of the Vorarlberger Bauschule (Vorarlberg Building School) for a number of decades. Its influence is reflected in built-up zones as well as projects realised in the open landscape. Generous allowances are made for the terrain during the planning phase and construction is undertaken in harmony with nature.

    This tour takes in a number of destinations where the landscape and the structures exist in perfect harmony. Where the harbour building “Die Welle” (“The Wave”) pays tribute to Lake Constance through its name and its curved design, the subtly crafted driving range at the golf course in Rankweil blends in seamlessly with its surroundings and Schruns’ Alpin Sport Zentrum features a raw natural facade that wonderfully complements the mountain backdrop in Montafon.

    All these buildings interact with their natural environment. Their forms are inspired by topographical factors such as the lie of the land and the flowing waters, eye-catching vegetation and majestic mountains, and the interplay of sun and water or light and shade in specific locations. Some even use reflective surfaces and window cut-outs to place the scenery at the very heart of their design.

    Reduced materiality – using a limited range of building materials – plays a key role in this regard. A small number of structures, such as the Golmerbahn cable car in Vandans and the Islamic cemetery in Altach, feature artistic interventions like colour concepts, ornaments and scThe buildings exude a sense of calm, betraying almost no hint of the extensive efforts that have gone into securing the terrain while ensuring structural stability and load-bearing capacity. As well-functioning infrastructure buildings, they guarantee smooth operation and offer a special way to experience nature and architecture.

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  • Difficulty: leicht



    Altitude: 681 m 398 m Best season:
  • Directions

    This tour begins in Bregenz (“Die Welle” harbour building) before visiting the Vetterhof organic farm in Lustenau, the Islamic cemetery in Altach, Götzis, Arbogast (Wasserhaus St. Arbogast water pavilion) and Rankweil-Brederis (driving range, Villa Rustika open-air museum). The final stops are located in Montafon: Lorüns (Alfenzbrücke bridge), Vandans (Golmerbahn cable car, Illwerke Zentrum Montafon energy centre) and Tschagguns (ski jumping centre).

    More top tips for this route:

    In the area of Lustenau and Dornbirn, visitors can take a detour to inatura – interactive Nature Exhibition Dornbirn to learn about nature in Vorarlberg.

    The mountain station of the Golmerbahn cable car boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the Verwall and Rätikon mountain ranges, with a short hike ideal for experiencing the “Maisäss” middle-pasture and mountain pasture culture of Montafon. A total of 13 stations line the themed trail, all addressing an aspect of these local traditions. Visitors are also treated to 11 striking sculptures by Montafon-based artist Roland Haas, each dedicated to a specific topic along the route.{xhibition Dornbirn to learn about nature in Vorarlberg.

    A number of hotels, restaurants and inns located on or in close proximity to the route are of special interest in terms of the local building culture. These establishments are ideal for mouth-watering meals and overnight stays during the “Architectours” in Vorarlberg.

    Start Lochau
    Geogr. 47.504745 N 9.745946 E
    Destination Tschagguns/Vandans


  • Approach:

    Route Planner


    Public car park at the railway station in Lochau (vis-à-vis the bathhouse)