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Thematic Trail | Thematic Trail

Alpine Pasture Hike l Warth-Schröcken – around the Karhorn

Blick von der Steffisalpbahn auf Warth
Übergang auf Bürstegg
Blick auf Walsersiedlung Bürstegg
Walserhaus in Bürstegg
Kirche in Bürstegg
Alpmuseum uf m Tannberg
Blick auf Alpe Batzen
Blick auf Batzenalpe
Körbersee mit Blick auf Berghotel Körbersee
Blick zurück auf den Weg
Blick auf Kalbelesee und Simmel


Difficulty: leicht
Distance: 13.13 km
Ascent: 443 m
Descent: 664 m
Duration: 4.3 h
Deepest point: 1564 m
Highest point: 1947 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Hike on the footsteps of the Walser from Warth to Bürstegg, the highest situated Walser settlement in Vorarlberg. The trail leads across the Auenfeld to the origin of the Bregenzerache and to the Alpine Pasture Untere Auenfeldalpe and Batzenalpe (that also houses an alpine museum). The next destination is the beautiful natural site of the Körbersee. You cross the height of the Hochtannbergpass and reach the Kalbelesee and the end of the hike.

    From the top station in the area of the Steffisalpe the track takes you south below the Warther Horn to the small settlement of Bürstegg. The Bitschnau family provides hikers with an Alpjause (snack) and its homemade bacon, sausages, Warther cheese as well as drinks. Via the Auenfeldsattel you first reach the serviced Untere Auenfeldalpe that provides hikers with an Alpjause including buttermilk, milk and drinks. The tour continues along the Bregenzerach, which has its origins here and meanders through the boggy meadow field. You reach the Alpe Batzen, which lies on the Schröckener side of the meadow. It is a serviced Sennalpe and houses the Alp Museum «Uf m Tannberg». You walk towards Hochtannbergpass and come across the Kalbelesee and the hotel of the same name. The tour ends at Hochtannberg near the Kalbelesee and the Körberalpe, which also offers products such as Alpine cheese, cream cheese, milk, buttermilk and drinks.

    The Walser settlement «Bürstegg» is over 500 years old. The small collection of two farmsteads and the little church is a charming ensemble of traditional Walser culture. Located at 1716 m, it was once considered to be the highest settlement in the country. There is a mountain mass in Bürgstegg, every year on August 15th. The «Alpmuseum uf m Tannberg» in the old Alpe Batzen, the Sennküche with its Sennkessel and old utensils recalls the almost 200-year old history of cultivation. Information/Opening hours: The Körbersee is a quiet and natural place.

    ÖK25V 2219 - West online -

    Author: Düringer Helmut

  • Difficulty: leicht




    Altitude: 1947 m 1564 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege,

    More info & links:

    Warth-Schröcken Tourismus, +43 5583 35150 oder +43 5519 2670 –

    Sesselbahn Steffisalp-Express, +43 5583 36010 – Sesselbahn Steffisalp-Express

    Auenfelder Hütte, +43 664 41 11 251,

    Alpmuseum – Alpmuseum “Uf m Tannberg”

    Berghotel Körbersee – Tel +43 5519 265, ,

    Alpe Bürstegg, T +43 680 3331825

    Alpe Untere Auenfeld – Helmut Greber / +43 664 88330583

    Alpe Batzen – Familie Moosmann / +43 699 12065305

  • Directions

    Ascent via the 4-person chairlift Steffisalp-Express from Warth to the top station (1887 m) just beneath the Warther Horn. The red and white marked track leads below the Warther Horn and Karlhorn to the Walser settlement Bürstegg in the area of Lech that you reach within 30 minutes. It goes slightly uphill across the Auenfeldsatter, down to Auenfeld and past the eponymous Alps. You continue on a yellow and white marked trail and the flat meadow, following the young Bregenzerache, down to the Alpe Batzen and up again to the Körbersee. From here the trail leads to the Hochtannbergpass (1676 m) near the Kalbelesee and the Körbalpe. End of the hike or return by bus to Warth.

    Start Warth, valley station Steffisalp-Express
    Geogr. 47.25613 N 10.15892 E
    Destination Schröcken-Warth, Hochtannbergpass