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Alpine Pasture Hike l Sonntag-Stein mid-station – Alpe Steris – Oberpartnomalpe – Sonntag-Stein

Blick auf Alpe Steris
Seilbahn Sonntag-Stein
Alpe Steris
Kapelle St. Theodul, Alpe Steris
Blick auf Oberpartnomalpe
Breithornhütte auf der Oberpartnomalpe
Blick zurück zur Oberpartnomalpe
See im Alpgebiet Oberpartnom
Gondel der Seilbahn Sonntag-Stein
Klangraum Stein
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 10.24 km
Ascent: 484 m
Descent: 484 m
Duration: 3.8 h
Deepest point: 1300 m
Highest point: 1703 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Very impressive round trip with support of the cableway in the alpine area of Steris and Oberpartnom.

    From Sonntag-Stein you can take the cableway up to the alpine area. The first bit of the tour takes you to the Alpe Steris und continues past the Oberpartnomalpe and Breithornhütte and back to the cableway and the starting point of the tour.

    The Sennalpe Steris consists of several huts and a chapel. The Schwarzmann family spoils guests with homemade and regional products such as Alpjause (snack), cakes, Kässspätzle (a local pasta), potatoes in mountain hay, drinks, cheese, butter and milk. There is a special alpine breakfast on Wednesdays. The tour continues to the alpine area of Oberpartnom and the Breithornhütte. The Bickel family serves cheese, alpine butter and various dishes at the Breithorn mountain hut. From there the tour leads back to the cableway mid-station of Sonntag-Stein.

    If you want to remain there a bit longer, you can get something to eat or take a short detour to the thematic trail «Klangraum.Stein».

    The movie «Der Atem des Himmels» was shot at Alpe Partnom. The village Blons was re-created for the film. Almost the entire historic village was destroyed by an avalanche in 1954. There is a special alpine breakfast at the Alpe Steris every Wednesday. The Schwarzmann family serves homemade and home-baked alpine cheese and Riebel. If you want to extend the tour, you should take a detour to climb the Breithorn or the Kellaspitze. People of a good fitness level manage the tour in a day. Otherwise there is accommodation at the Breithornhütte on the Oberpartnomalpe. The thematic trail «Klangraum.Stein» is an interactive project that deals with nature and its soundscape. Artistic installations accompany hikers on their way to the echo wall which invites you to listen, enjoy and help shape the soundscape.

    ÖK25V 1224 - Ost ÖK25V 1230 - Ost online -

    Author: Düringer Helmut

  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1703 m 1300 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege. Entsprechende Bekleidung der Witterung angepasst.

    More info & links:

    Alpe Oberpartnom – Breithornhütte / Alpe: +43 5554 5601, Mobil: +43 664 8710296 (Familie Bickel)

    Alpe Steris – Familie Schwarzmann / +43 664 4724012 oder T +43 664 6349253

    Seilbahn Stuba, +43 660 7594850

    Seilbahnen Sonntag-Stein




  • Directions

    The tour starts at the mid-station of the cableway Sonntag-Steintobel and leads across Steintobel to the Sterisalpe. We follow the trail on the ridgeway beneath Wangspitze to the Alpine Pasture Oberpartnom and the Breithornhütte. The track slightly descends back to the ski resort and the Unterpartnomalpe. Via a short detour you easily get to the thematic trail «Klangraum.Stein» and back to the Sonntag-Stein cableway.

    Start Sonntag-Stein, Seilbahn Talstation
    Geogr. 47.23099 N 9.92198 E
    Destination Sonntag-Stein, Seilbahn-Talstation