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Hiking | Thematic Trail

Alpine Pasture Hike l Nenzinger Himmel

Im Gamperdonatal - Alpsiedlung Nenzinger Himmel mit Panülerkopf im Hintergrund
Aufstieg zur Panüelalpe, Blick zurück in den Nenzinger Himmel
Aussicht auf den Panüelerkopf (2.859 m)
Blick zur Panülalpe
Auf dem Weg zur Setschalpe
Vor der Setschalpe
Oberhalb vom Nenzinger Himmel
Alpsiedlung Nenzinger Himmel
Alpmuseum in der Alpe Gamperdona
Verkaufsladen in der Alpe Gamperdona
Blick auf das Alpengasthof Gamperdona
Nenzinger Himmel


Distance:10,1 km
Ascent:664 m
Descent:523 m
Duration:04:10 h
Deepest point:1340 m
Highest point:1780 m



  • The Nenzinger Himmel («Himmel» means heaven) not only provides an impressive mountain landscape, but also numerous alpine pastures. The track leads from the beautiful isolated alpine settlement up to breathtaking heights. Step by step closer to heaven.

    The alpine restaurant Gamperdona offers traditional regional meals including the ripened alpine cheese “Gamperdona” and other delicacies. If you call ahead first you get a traditional Alpjause (snack) and drinks at the Panüelalpe and Setschalpe. Different alpine products like Gamperdona alpine cheese, sour cheese, alpine butter, yoghurt, drinks and during summer homemade alpine ice cream are offered at the Alpe Gamperdona. Here, you can also take a closer look at the processes at the dairy. There also is a little shop where you can try and purchase products (amongst other things products of the dairy Metzler Naturhautnah).

    Eventful arrival via taxi busses to an isolated settlement at the border triangle of Vorarlberg – Switzerland – Liechtenstein.

    Themenwege Vorarlberg

    Presented by: Themenwege Vorarlberg, Author: Helmut Düringer
    letzte Änderung: 16.06.2020

  • Difficulty:mittel




    Altitude: 1780 m 1340 m Best season:
    Safety instructions:

    140 alpine emergencies Austria
    144 alpine emergencies Vorarlberg
    112 Euro emergency call (if there is no reception at the site of the emergency, first switch off your mobile phone, and when switching it on again, immediately dial 112 or press the SOS button instead of entering the PIN code).


    Festes Schuhwerk und entsprechende Wanderausrüstung sind notwendig.

    More info & links:

    Taxi busses/shuttle buses to the Nenzinger Himmel (reservation on the day before recommended) 

    Gantner Anton, T +43 5525 62217,

    Nenzingerhimmel-FahrtenLisi & Friedl Touristik, T +43 5525 62594,


  • Directions

    The Nenzinger Himmel is accessible by foot (4 hours starting in Nenzing) or by shuttle bus.

    The trail leads from the bus station over a forest path to the Panülalpe. Some alpine pastures provide Alpjausen (snacks) and drinks. You reach the romantic Hirschsee via the long distance trail 102 and further to the street that takes you to the Setschalpe that is managed by a Shepard. We continue on a hiking trail, partially on a road, until we arrive at the Gamerdonaalpe, Vorarlberg’s biggest Sennalpe (dairy). Via  the street you get back to the starting point (bus station or Alpengasthof Gamperdona).

    Start Nenzing, Nenzinger Himmel
    Geogr. 47.087206 N 9.650326 E
    Destination Nenzinger Himmel


  • Public transportation:


    Motor vehicles and bicycles are banned at Nenzinger Himmel. From Nenzing, two bus companies run minibus shuttles to the Gamperdonatal valley: and . By prior registration only.

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