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Thematic Trail | Thematic Trail

Alpine Pasture Hike l Hinteres Großwalsertal

Blick auf Ober-Überlutalpe und ins Metzgertobel
Blick auf Buchboden
Alpe Ober-Überlut
Weitblick ins Große Walsertal und den Walgau
Blick auf Alpe Ischkarnei
Blick auf Heimenwaldalpe
Kessischlucht im Metzgertobel


Difficulty: schwer
Distance: 22.67 km
Ascent: 1296 m
Descent: 1297 m
Duration: 9 h
Deepest point: 880 m
Highest point: 1945 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Beautiful high-altitude hike with the impressive and natural Metzgertobel, also known as the valley of the many waterfalls. Towards the end you reach the Kessischlucht that was declared a natural monument in 1992. The round trip leads past several alpine pastures.

    The tour leads you from Buchboden across the Bärenmaisäß to the Unter-Überlutalpe and further to the first farmed Alpine Pasture, the Ober-Überlutalpe. The team of Ober-Überlut provides Alpjausen (snacks), butter, mountain cheese and drinks. You reach the Alpe Außen-Ischkarnei via the Hinter-Ischkarneialpe. They offer alpine snacks, mountain cheese and drinks. On request, they also offer guided tours of the dairy. On your way to Metzgertobel you walk past Heimenwaldalpe where also alpine snacks, mountain cheese, butter and drinks awaits us. On request, you can also take a guided tour of the dairy. You continue downhill until you reach the Lutz and the Metzgertobelalpe, a certified organic pasture at its finest. Here you will be spoiled with alpine snacks, home-baked bread, butter and mountain cheese as well as drinks. On the way back to Buchboden you are surrounded by the impressive Metzgertobel and its many waterfalls.

    ÖK25V 1224 - Ost und ÖK25V 2219 - West online -

    Author: Düringer Helmut

  • Difficulty: schwer




    Altitude: 1945 m 880 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege, Gutes Schuhwerk mit Profilsohle für den Hochscherenweg E01

    More info & links:

    Buchboden und Wanderbus / Alpbus Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal

    Schutzhütten und Alpen im Biosphärenpark Großen Walsertal

    Alpe Ober-Überlut – T +43 664 5319191

    Alpe Ischkarnei – T +43 664 4493077

    Metzgertobelalpe – T +43 5554 5567, +43 680 5522526

    Alpe Heimenwald – Familie Stefan Nigsch / +43 664 2869078 

  • Directions

    From the church in Buchboden you follow the signposts to the Überlutalpe. The red-and-white marked trail leads over the Bärenmaisäß to the Untere-Überlutalpe and on an easy path to the Ober-Überlutalpe. You walk on a road to the next hill, pass a hunting cabin and eventually to the Pregimelbach, where you come across the Hochscherenweg. This bit requires surefootedness. The red-and-white marked trail (Hochscherenweg E01) takes you to the Obere Ischkarneialpe. You take a right turn at the crossing to the Biberach Hütte and walk towards the Untere Ischkarneialpe. The yellow-and-white marked road takes you a bit downhill and then up to the Heimenwaldalpe. The road leads further into the Metzgertobel valley. It is roughly a kilometer from the crossing to the Metzgertobelalpe. You take the same way back and then down the valley towards Buchboden. A detour takes you to Bad Rothenbrunnen, where you can rest at the Alpengasthof Bad Rothenbrunnen. A simple hiking track takes you back to Buchboden.

    Start Sonntag-Buchboden
    Geogr. 47.24496 N 9.95214 E
    Destination Buchboden