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Alpine Pasture Hike l From Kanzelwand through the Wildental in the Kleinwalsertal

Blick auf Obere Wiesalpe
Panorama von der Kanzelwandbahn-Bergstation
Am Kuhgehrensattel
Panorama vom Kuhgehrensattel
Blick auf Alpe Kuhgehren
Alpe Kuhgehren
Blick zur Vorderen Wildenalpe
Auf dem Weg zur Fluchtalpe
Auf dem Weg zur Oberen Wiesalpe
Untere Wiesalpe
Innere Wiesalpe
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 9.61 km
Ascent: 201 m
Descent: 1021 m
Duration: 3.3 h
Deepest point: 1125 m
Highest point: 1949 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Impressive hike with the help of cableways. This tour gives a good overview of the entire valley of Kleinwalsertal. Wildental is a typical side valley of the Kleinwalsertal.

    The tour starts with a ride of the Kanzelwandbahn (cableway). Once you reach the top station you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic view. The hike leads via the Adlerhorst and Kuhgehrensattel into the valley Wildental, passing the Alpine Pastures Kuhgehren, Wannenalpe, Fluchtalpe and Wiesenalpen. The farmed pastures provide different views over the mountain landscape of the Kleinwalsertal.

    The inner Kuhgehrenalpe provides hearty local snacks with sausages and cheese, soups, homemade cakes and drinks. You can sit on the terrace and look at the beautiful mountain landscape while enjoying a cold beer or a glass of fresh milk. The Fluchtalpe also provides traditional local snacks and homemade cakes. If you are thirsty, you should try traditional drinks such as Skiwasser, buttermilk and more. The inner Wiesenalpe also provides the opportunity to rest on either the terrace or inside the comfortable hut while trying a few products from the farm. There is bread, mountain and alpine cheese, remoudou, sausages, cakes, alpine butter, quark and yoghurt. There also is a possibility to have breakfast here if you call first. The sight of the Schafalpköpfe is impressive time and time again. Even the lower Wiesalpe is serviced during the summer month (closed on Wednesdays) and offers snacks, drinks and dairy products.

    You can also walk directly from the inner Kuhgehrenalpe through the Wildental to the inner Wiesalpe (roughly one hour less of hiking time).

    ÖK25V 2219 Ost online -

    Author: Helmut Düringer

  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1949 m 1125 m Best season:

    Festes Schuhwerk und entsprechende Wanderausrüstung sind notwendig.
    Der Weg von der Inneren Kuhgehrenalpe zur Wannenalpe ist stellenweise sehr steil.

    More info & links:

    Kanzelwandbahn – Sommer-Bergbahnen und Lifte im Kleinwalsertal und Oberstdorf

    Alpe Kuhgehren, T +49 170 3287376 –

    Fluchtalpe, T +49 171 7876136 –

    Innere Wiesalpe, T +43 664 9208836 –  Innere Wiesalpe

    Untere Wiesalpe, T +43 650 3069668 – Untere Wiesalpe


  • Directions

    From the top station the Kanzelwandbahn (1940 m) you easily reach the mountain restaurant Alderhorst and hike via the Kuhgehrensattel (1878 m) to the inner Kuhgehrenalpe. This way you pass the Wannenalpe and Wildenalpe until you reach the Fluchtalpe. The path from the inner Kuhgehrenalpe to the Wannenalpe is partially very steep and alpine. At the end of the Wildental you can see the impressive rocky peaks of the Schafalpenköpfe. The path from the Wiesenalpe down the Parzelle Höfle, which is part of the county of Mittelberg, is relatively easy. Here, you can take the Walserbus back to Rietzlern.

    Start Rietzlern, valley station Kanzelwandbahn
    Geogr. 47.33758 N 10.20162 E
    Destination Mittelberg-Höfle, bus station near Biohof Feuerstein