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Alpine Pasture Hike l Bezau/Baumgarten – Niedere – Sonderdach

Blick auf die Wildmoosalpe
Blick auf Bergrestaurant Niedere und Alpe
Mountain Chapel Vordere Niedere
Mountain Chapel Vordere Niedere
Niedere, Häfenalpgebiet
Abstuhl mit Blick in den Gunten
Blick auf Stongerhöhealpe
Blick auf Stongenalpe, Bezau
Alpe Greußings Wildmoos
Blick auf Bezau
Blick auf das Vorsaäß Sonderdach
Alpe Leugehr
Alpe Leugehr
Blick auf Sonderdach und Seilbahn Bezau
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept


Difficulty: leicht
Distance: 9.83 km
Ascent: 163 m
Descent: 571 m
Duration: 3 h
Deepest point: 1214 m
Highest point: 1695 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Upon arrival at the 1660 m high Seehöhe via cableway, you get a chance to enjoy the breathtaking distant view from the Baumgartenhöhe. The panoramic view is rather spectacular: Lake Constance, Germany in the Northwest, the mountains of the Austrian Kleinwalsertal in the East, Arlberg, Silvretta and Rätikon in the South and the Swiss mountains in the West.

    After arriving via cableway (there is a new panoramic restaurant at Baumgarten) the first Alpine Pasture is only a few minutes away, the Vordere Niederalpe. You can get something to eat at the Bergrestaurant Niedere. The Feuerstein family offers mountain cheese, yoghurt, fresh milk, butter, Sennsuppe (a typical local soup), drinks and other home cooked meals. If you arrive around 11 o’clock you might get the chance to test a freshly cooked Sennsuppe (Seagin). The newly built mountain chapel (typical Vorarlberg wood architecture by Cukrowicz Nachbaur) provides another resting opportunity where you can enjoy the sight of Lake Constance and the Swiss Mountains. At the crossing to Stongerhöhe the track leads us through the rockfall site to the Stongerhöhe and down to the swamp terrain of Stongen and the Wildmoosalpen. There are three alpine pastures that provide hikers with self-made alpine treats: Alpe Stongen, Alpe Windmoos and Greußing’s Wildmoos. We walk through forests and over meadows until we get to the Vorsäß Sonderbach, near the mid-station of the cableway Bezau-Baumgarten, where the Alpe Leugehr awaits us with homemade mountain cheese, milk and butter.

    During your hike you come across the «Lehrweg» that provides information about the historic Alps. You can also start your hike at Andelsbuch. You can take the cableway Andelsbuch-Niedere up to Niedere, the local mountain of Andelsbuchen. Experienced hikers should consider taking the route from the Stongerhöhealpe via Hasenstrick (via ferrata) to the Winterstaude and via the south side back down to the Lingenaueralpe, Sammeralpe and Stongenalpe. Additional effort: 250 m in altitude, approx. 2 hours hiking time. Experience and a good head for heights are necessary (blue/white marked track)!

    ÖK25V 1224 - Ost und 1218 - Ost online -

    Author: Düringer Helmut

  • Difficulty: leicht




    Altitude: 1695 m 1214 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege, gutes Schuhwerk mit Profilsohle, da einige Wege im Wald und ev. auch nass sein können.

    More info & links:

    Seilbahnen Bezau, +43 5514 2254,

    Bergbahnen Andelsbuch, T +43 5512 2540,

    Panoramarestaurant Baumgarten: T +43 5514 22547, Panoramarestaurant-Baumgarten

    Alpe Vordere Niedere & Gasthaus, Familie Feuerstein: +43 664 4429447,

    Alpe Wildmoos, Familie Eberle: +43 664 5818400,

    Alpe Leugehr, Martin Flatz: Fischbach 142, Alberschwende

    Alpe Greußing Wildmoos, Simon Jäger: +43 664 9780388

    Alpe Stongen, Matthias Giselbrecht: +43 664 1654045

    Weitere Links:

  • Directions

    Ascent by cableway from Bezau to top station Baumgarten. The hike leads over a panorama track from the Baumgartenhöhe first to the Vordere Niederalpe and then via the Bergrestaurant Niedere to a chapel. Before the path goes around a curve, you take a left turn to Stongerhöhe. The red/white marked track leads to the rockfall site (Abstuhl) to the Stongerhöhealpe and further down the valley to the Stonger Moos with the Alpine Pastures Stongen, Wildmoos and Greußing’s Wildmoos. The track continues through forest and meadows until you reach the Vorsäß Sonderbach. You can take the cableway mid-station down to the valley.

    Start Bezau, valley station Bezau
    Geogr. 47.39914 N 9.93711 E
    Destination Sonderdach, mid-station of the cableway Bezau