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Alpine Pasture Hike l Around the Rote Wand («Red Wall»)

Blick auf Alpe Laguz
Auf dem Weg zum Formarinsee
Obere Laguzalpe
Alpe Laguz
Sennerei in der Alpe Laguz
Wanderbus vor der Alpe Laguz
Blick auf die Rote Wand vom Alpgebiet Klesenza aus
Blick auf Alpe Klesenza mit Kapelle
Blick auf Alpe Klesenza mit Kapelle
Klesenzatal - auf dem Weg zum Johannesjoch
Blick vom Johannesjoch zur Alpe Formarin
Orts-/Wanderbus Lech zur Formarinalpe
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept
Auf dem Weg vom Johannesjoch zur Alpe Formarin


Difficulty: schwer
Distance: 15.21 km
Ascent: 910 m
Descent: 920 m
Duration: 6.5 h
Deepest point: 1552 m
Highest point: 2093 m



  • Höhenprofil

    The idyllic Formarinsee is located at the end of the Zugertal, in the middle of the Lechquellen Mountains. It is situated on the European watershed and only drains underground. The water flows via the river Lech until it reaches the Black Sea or via the Marulbach and the Alfenz to the North Sea.

    This hike requires a good physical condition.

    The Formarinsee is located at 1793 m above sea level and below the southern walls of the Rote Wand. It is the starting point of our tour around the wall. We will pass numerous Alpine Pastures during this hike. The beautifully situated Laguzalpe (Sennalpe) with its huts invites you to a first break. The Alpine Pasture is also a popular destination for non-hikers. The Laguzstüble offers various snacks and drinks. The Laguzalpe and the Klesenzaalpe can also be reached via bus from the Großes Walsertal. At the Klesenzaalpe you can enjoy alpine cheese, soft cheese, Alpause (snack) and various drinks. There are guided tours every morning. The annual chapel festival takes place on the Sunday following 15th August. The Formarinalpe celebrates an alpine festival on 15th August (if the weather is good). Hikers are treated to alpine snacks and drinks during the alpine season.

    The Formarinsee and the Rote Wand were voted the most beautiful place in Austria by the viewers of the ORF program «9 Places – 9 Treasures» in 2015. The name of the wall refers to the striking band of red lime that runs across the mountain, especially on the south wall. The 2,704 m high Rote Wand, second highest but most impressive peak of the Lechquellen Mountains, is located between Arlberg, Großes Walsertal and Klostertal. The Formarinsee is of natural origin. Every year it is newly formed by accumulating meltwater. The high mountain lake has no surface outlet, it drains underground through a karst cave system and overcomes the European watershed beneath the Rote Wand.

    Author: Helmut Düringer

  • Difficulty: schwer




    Altitude: 2093 m 1552 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege. Entsprechende Bekleidung der Witterung angepasst.

    More info & links:

    Alpe Laguz
    Mitte Juni bis Mitte September.

    Das Laguzstüble ist auch für Nicht-(mehr)Wanderer ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel. Das Laguzstüble ist während der Wanderbus-Saison täglich geöffnet. T +43 680 3284411

    Alpe Klesenza
    Anfang Juni bis Anfang September, je nach Wetter ist die Alpe bis Anfang Oktober besetzt. T +43 676 6941719
    Kapellenfest jeden Sommer, am Sonntag nach dem 15. August

    Alpe Formarin
    Ende Juni bis Anfang September. Alpfest am 15. August bei Schönwetter

    Schutzhütten und Alpen im Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal

    Diese Alpen sind vom Großen Walsertal aus mit dem Wanderbus erreichbar – Infos zu den Alp-Wanderbussen im Biosphärenpark Großen Walsertal

  • Directions

    We walk north from the bus station and past the Formarinsee to the crossing towards Laguzalpe (Sennalpe). Via the Lange Furka you get to the Obere Lauzalpe that is not occupied. The tour continues on a broad trail down to the Alpine Pasture Laguzalpe. Our tour takes us east to the Sättele (1737 m) and from here down to the Huttlabach at the north side of the Rote Wand, where we reach the Klesenzaalpe. At the end of the Klesenzaalpe we cross the Untere Johannesjoch (2055 m) and get to the Freiburger Höhenweg and the Formarinalpe.

    Start Lech, Formarinsee
    Geogr. 47.17091 N 9.99844 E
    Destination Lech, Formarinsee