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Islamic Cemetery

Islamic Cemetery
Islamic Cemetery
  • The last home
    The cemetery being the historically first garden is the overarching idea for this burial ground for members of Islamic faiths. Low concrete walls in dark pink starkly contrast with the surrounding greenery and hem in the burial grounds. The front building including an ablution and storage hall was designed in the same material. It merges into the protecting roof of the leave-taking hall which remains open to the left and to the front. On the right, the complex is lined by a wall element. Its artist-designed ornament produces an Orient-inspired effect of light and shadow.

    Managed by the municipality of Altach, it offers space for some 700 graves. The cemetery has been designed following Islamic rules and, in addition to a burial ground, features a room for ritual washings, a covered area for leave-taking, and a prayer room. Obeying the rite, the dead are buried lying on their side, heads facing Mecca. The simplicity of the contemporary architectural language used in the design of the cemetery grounds and the graves reflects the Islamic tradition, which avoids all forms of death cult.

    This project was realised in a noteworthy joint effort which included all Islamic communities, the state of Vorarlberg and the municipality of Altach and ultimately generated wide acceptance of this – second – Islamic cemetery in Austria. The architectural solution and the planners were selected in 2007 in a design contest, and have meanwhile won international recognition.

    The Bosnian artist Azra Akzamija designed the prayer room and an artistic curtain made from wood shingles which, following Islamic building tradition, features the inscriptions “Allah“ and “Muhammad“. Large-scale massive oak latticework can be seen featuring prominently from the entrance.

    Design: Bernardo Bader, 2007-2012
    Function: sacral building

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    Opening hours

    Public access to the cemetery from 8:00 to 21:00, access to the prayer room on request.

    Guided visits of the cemetery on request, contact: vai (+43 5572 51169,


    Robert Fabach

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