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Abschlusszeremonie Performance (c) Weltgymnaestrada 2007

Vorarlberg hosts two major sporting events

The world meets in Vorarlberg: At the annual Hypomeeting Götzis the track and field elite show their performances in the combined competition, a few weeks later the World Gymnaestrada takes place for the second time in Vorarlberg – two events which focus not only on passion for sports but also on enriching encounters with people.

Date: 23 May 2019

World Gymnaestrada

From 7 to 13 July 2019 Vorarlberg will again host the World Gymnaestrada, which is the world’s largest mass sports gymnastics festival and is held every four years in another region. Compared to 2007, even more participants from even more nations will come to stay in Vorarlberg: Some 20,000 gymnasts, coaches and spectators from more than 60 different countries and all five continents will travel to Vorarlberg – that is a first in the history of the World Gymnaestrada.

Participants will all be accommodated together as a nation at one site, and looked after by volunteers from all over Vorarlberg. Therefore, the Rheintal (Rhine Valley) and its surroundings are being transformed into small “nation villages”, where mainly schools will be converted to accommodate active participants. Many others as well as officials and visitors also be staying in youth hostels, camping sites and hotels. “The real spirit of the Gymnaestrada lies in Vorarlberg”, says the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Weltgymnaestrada © Dietmar Stiplovsek undefined
Turnergruppe (c) Weltgymnaestrada

Already 2007, Vorarlberg’s system of public transport proved to be as effective as ever, coping with the unusual rush of passengers. The excellent bus and rail network in Vorarlberg is once again ensuring that transport between two venues runs smoothly for everyone. Stations have been renovated and during the week of the event vehicles will be increased and travel time intervals shortened.

According to the motto “Come together – show your colours” numerous performances are staged on different venues all over Vorarlberg. In addition to the central venue of Messe Dornbirn’s exhibition halls, the programme also features large-group performances including from 200 to 1,200 gymnasts, hosted at the Bregenz casino stadium. Through the so-called outdoor stages in some Vorarlberg towns and villages, both visitors and locals get the opportunity to enjoy the performances from all over the world in public space.

Hypomeeting Götzis (c) Michel Fisquet
Hypomeeting Götzis (c) Fisquet
Hypomeeting Götzis

The Hypomeeting Götzis has a long tradition: Since Konrad Lerch started the meeting with three friends in 1975, track and field athletes from all over the world have been coming together in Götzis every year to compete in the dec- or heptathlon. At the beginning of May 2019, the meeting was awarded with the “IAAF World Athletics Heritage Plaque” by the IAAF World Athletics Association and has since been officially part of the World Heritage of Athletics.

To ensure that the event runs smoothly for both the active participants and the approximately 10,000 visitors, more than 400 local volunteers help to organise and supervise the event. Also, numerous hosts from hotels to restaurants are looking forward to welcoming their guests every year to bring Vorarlberg’s culture as well as regional dishes and drinks closer to them.

In addition to the professional organisation team, the Vorarlberg hosts are those who make this traditional track and field event what it is today. Whether sportsmen and -women, coaches or fans: Those who have been to the Hypomeeting once, are always happy to come back. Roman Sebrle, former decathlete & world record in Götzis 2001, also likes to visit Götzis again: “Whenever I am here, I notice that I miss athletics”. The special atmosphere in the Möslestadion stadium, where athletics fan clubs from all over the world sit shoulder on shoulder with local sports enthusiasts and next families on picnic blankets – only a metre away from the athletes –, is something that hardly any other athletics competition can match at this top level.


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