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Kulturpavillon Burgruine Blumenegg © Agnes Ammann / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Breathing new life into the castle ruins

Blumenegg culture pavilion

Since opening in August of 2018, the Blumenegg culture pavilion in Thüringerberg boasts fantastic views of the surrounding mountains in the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park from the shade of the surrounding trees.

The pavilion was erected on the ruins of Blumenegg castle. Made of wood, glass and steel, the structure features a wooden rooftop terrace and is an ideal venue for cultural events in addition to a meeting place for local associations.

Kulturpavillon Blumenegg, Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal  © Burgfreunde Blumenegg
Kulturpavillon Blumenegg, Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal© Burgfreunde Blumenegg
A modern cultural space

The ruins of Blumenegg castle are situated high upon a lateral ridge between the Lutz river and the Falsterbach stream at the gateway to the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park. The Blumenegg communities of Ludesch, Thüringen, Bludesch and Thüringerberg surround the remains of the castle. In order to rule over Blumenegg, the Duke of Montfort-Werdenberg constructed the castle between 1258 and 1260.

Threatened by collapse, the castle ruins were restored in several stages from 2010 as part of a joint initiative. Together, the Burgfreunde Blumenegg (friends of Blumenegg castle) association, the Walserherbst festival and the Tyrolean-based “Kompott” architects Martin Mackowitz/Nikolaus Skorpik transformed the ruins into a living cultural and experiential space.

A versatile pavilion

The pavilion, which is made of wood, glass and steel, can accommodate up to 80 visitors and features fantastic views of the surrounding nature. The roof can be optionally used as an open-air stage. The open space surrounded by trees in front of the pavilion makes for a fantastic event space. Exhibitions, readings and concerts, theatre performances, conferences and family celebrations take place in and around the building.


In 2020, the Blumenegg Cultural Pavilion was awarded the Big SEE Award (Zavod Big – Center for creative economy of Southeast Europe) in the categroy “Tourism Design”.

The Walserherbst festival

The Walserherbst festival is an eagerly anticipated regional event. The festival takes place every year from the end of August to mid-September. Thanks to the Blumenegg culture pavilion, the festival now has a new and special venue. The next Walserherbst festival will take place in August 2023.

The Blumenegg culture pavilion is open from May to October.

Thüringerberg is accessible via bus from the Bludenz train station.

Walking the Walserweg trail (information in German)

Arriving to the Blumenegg culture pavilion on foot

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