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Georunde Rindberg in Sibratsgfäll (c) Alex Kaiser - Bregenzerwald Tourismus (1)
Discover the power of the planet: The Georunde Rindberg trail in Sibratsgfäll

Just a bit off!

Get up close and personal with the power of nature across 8 stations at the Georunde Rindberg in Sibratsgfäll.

This house is crooked. But why? And why is everything else in the house, the oversized table, the chairs, etc., crooked as well? To discover the answer, hike the Georunde Rindberg trail in Sibratsgfäll in the Bregenzerwald and discover for yourself why everything here is slightly askew. Hint: a powerful landslide took place here some years ago. Across 8 interactive and entertaining stations, discover nature’s innate power for sudden change.

Georunde Rindberg in Sibratsgfäll (c) Alex Kaiser - Bregenzerwald Tourismus

It’s important to develop a healthy respect for the power of the planet, which is stronger than we are. Creative, innovative solutions are needed to deal with this power.

Konrad Stadelmann, co-initiator of Georunde Rindberg trail
Flysch: A sign of instability

Sibratsgfäll, located in a side valley near Hittisau, is 900 metres above sea level. Impressive mountains like the Gottesackerwände, the Hoher Ifen, Diedamskopf and the Winterstaude can be admired from the village. Did you know that the mountains in the Nagefluhkette nature park are comprised of a rock conglomerate called “Flysch,” which is often found in areas with unstable landscapes prone to landslides? Indeed, Sibratsgfäll and also other places in the area are actually in motion!

A slippery slope

A landslide began on the Rindberg in the spring of 1999, which lasted about 150 days and destroyed several houses. To experience for yourself what it feels like when everything goes sideways, check out “Felbers Schiefes Haus (Felber’s crooked house)” along the Georunde Rindberg trail. Though the structure remained largely intact, it slipped about 18 meters downhill. Today, an abandoned house is home to a small exhibition detailing the events of that time.

Better understanding a natural phenomenon

As you might expect, the landslide is firmly anchored in the memories of villagers. To deal with the trauma of this event, the villager’s chose an unusual approach: Together with architects and designers from the Bregenzerwald, the award-winning “Georunde Rindberg” trail featuring artistic installations was created. In 2017, it received the Austrian State Prize for Design in the ‘Spatial Design’ category for its convincing combination of landscape and architecture.

To visit “Felbers Schiefes Haus,” please register by calling +43 5513 2112 13 (Sibratsgfäll tourist office).

The Georunde Rindberg trail takes about one hour to complete and comprises 130 metres in ascent and descent. The Georunde is accessible on foot during the snow-free months. Individual stations along the trail are also accessible in winter. Those with snowshoes can complete  the whole circuit!

The 8 stations along the Georunde Rindberg trail near Sibratsgfäll demonstrate the raw power of mother nature

Georunde Rindberg trail

  • Georunde Rindberg

    Sibratsgfäll | Georunde Rindberg

    Eight stations bring you closer to the power of Mother Nature, letting experience it…

    • 3.93 km

    • 2 h

    • leicht

    Difficulty: leicht
    Distance: 3.93 km
    Ascent: 250 m
    Descent: 250 m
    Duration: 2 h
    Deepest point: 995 m
    Highest point: 1245 m



    Sibratsgfäll | Georunde Rindberg

    Eight stations bring you closer to the power of Mother Nature, letting experience it for…

    Start of tour

    Felber's leaning house

    End of tour

    Alpenrose inn


    The tour brings you closer to the power of Mother Nature, letting you experience it for yourself: in May 1999, the mountainsides in the plot moved inexorably. The major incident left behind deep scars. On the landscape as well as on the spirit of the village. The stations of the Georunde Rindberg trace the happenings, communicate interesting information and provide insights into the way the inhabitants of Sibratsgfäll dealt with…

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