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Sura Kees - a special dish from the Montafon © Christa Branz / Vorarlberg Tourismus
A special dish from the Montafon

Recipes with Sura Kees

Montafon Sura Kees, a low-fat cheese, is a regional speciality that has been important within the valley community for centuries. The residents of Montafon have been making Sura Kees cheese since the 12th century and so the region can boast one of the oldest traditions in cheese production in the Alpine region.

Montafon Sura Kees soup

  • Ingredients for 8 people
    60g flour
    100g butter
    1/4l dry white wine
    1l beef broth
    1/2l soured cream
    100g grated mountain cheese
    50g finely chopped Montafon Sura Kees cheese

  • Preparation
    Make a roux with the flour and butter. Deglaze with the dry white wine. Whisk well.
    Add the beef broth, bring to the boil and reduce slightly.
    Mix the soured cream with the grated mountain cheese and the finely-chopped Montafon Sura Kees and stir into the soup.
    Season nutmeg, salt and pepper.
    Purée with the hand blender.

    Recipe: Helga Peter - bewusstmontafon

Montafon Sura Kees Soup © Helga Peter - bewusstmontafon
Terrine of Sura Kees © bewusstmontafon

Although Sura Kees is a low-fat cheese, it’s in no way short on taste. Initially fresh and tangy, mildly aromatic and reminiscent of cream cheese, its taste becomes mildly spicy to sour, always with a somewhat subtle, salty undertone.

Terrine of Sura Kees

  • Ingredients for 4 persons/starter for 8 persons
    300g Montafon Sura Kees cheese
    100ml yogurt
    100ml soured cream
    1 tbsp olive oil
    a little lemon juice
    6 gelatine leaves
    200ml whipped cream

  • Preparation
    Strain the Sura Kees cheese through a sieve or purée thoroughly with a hand blender, add the yoghurt and soured cream and then whisk until smooth. Now add the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
    Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water, warm through and then stir into the cheese mixture.
    Fold in the whipped cream.

    Line a terrine tin with clingfilm and spoon in the mixture. Leave to chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
    Invert the terrine and roll the cheese mixture in coarsely chopped pumpkin seeds.
    This cheese dish goes well with a mixed leaf salad and a pumpkin seed oil marinade.

    Recipe: Christine Zudrell - bewusstmontafon

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