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Hiking at Arlberg (c) Daniel Zangerl I Lech Zürs Tourismus
Discover the power of nature

Woods, fields, moors and herbs

A walk through the woods, an excursion through the moors or a herbal hike with local experts. Discover the power of nature in Vorarlberg.

Make sure the guided tours are offered in English language when you book.

Herbal hikes in Vorarlberg

On Thursdays , one of the Alchemilla herbal women from the Grosses Walsertal biosphere reserve will accompany you on a 2.5 hour themed meadow-and-herb walk. On the tour, you will find out about the different herbs and learn what herbs you can eat and how to process them. Dates: 16 July, 23 July, 30 July, 13 August and 27 August 2020.

On Mondays, Veronika Walch, a professional herb instructor, organises guided herb walks in Lech am Arlberg for holders of the Lech card. Veronika also organises different kinds of herbal workshops at her place, the so called Kräuterwerkstatt Lech.

Every Thursday from May to September herb instructor Katharina Moosbrugger leads hikers through Fohramoos nature reserve – located close to the village of Schwarzenberg. She explains the wild herbs along the way and its possible use. The hike takes about 2,5 hours.

From 3 June to 9 September 2020 a guided stroll to the “Realm of Herbs” is organised every Wednesday at the nature adventure centre Holdamoos in Au in Bregenzerwald.

Every Wednesday from 3 June to 28 October 2020 participants can explore the flowers and herbs at Maisäss Montiel in St. Gallenkirch, Montafon. The guided tour takes about 4 hours.

Herbal hike in Brandertal
Wald in Lech Zürs am Arlberg (c) Daniel Zangerl / Lech Zürs Tourismus
Trough moors and fields

In Krumbach in Bregenzerwald, a hiking trail invites guests to explore the local moor landscape. A guided hike through the moors of Krumbach takes place every Thursday from 4 June to 24 September 2020.
Four local inns have made the moor the theme of culinary excellence, using plants, berries and herbs to refine both food and drinks. In summer (6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September), the four Krumbach moor inns invite guests to join a dawn walk on the moor with a hearty breakfast as a reward. The tour starts at 6:00 in the morning; breakfast is ready from 8:00.

In Faschina in Grosses Walsertal biosphere reserve a divers amount of alpine flora grows. As an example of more than 150 different plants you can name the turban lily. Enjoy the panoramic view and learn more about  the local flora and geological conditions when taking a walk along the 1,2 km long Flower Hiking Trail. Depending on the blooming period of the plants you can find signs for more information.

Waldbaden: Take the forest’s atmosphere

Waldbaden is a German word (Wald = forest, baden = to swim) that literally means to take a bath in the forests. It’s about diving into the forest’s atmosphere.

In Gargellen in Montafon you can join the Waldbaden experience with the local nature guide Gerlinde. It’s a hike trough the Gargellen mountains that takes about five hours (pure hiking time: 2,5 hours).

In Sonntag-Buchboden in Grosses Walsertal biosphere reserve Dorothea Nachbauer takes leads interested visitors trough the pleasant Waldbad.

Herbal and nature Guide Katharina Moosbrugger takes you on a Five Senses Hike through the woods of Bödele which is located above the village Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald. The hike takes place every Friday from June to September 2020 and takes about 2 hours.