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Panorama Bödele zum Brüggele in Alberschwende © Lukas Rinnhofer / Vorarlberg Tourismus
From the Bödele to the Brüggele area

Meadows, flowers & herbs

Diverse meadow landscapes between the villages of Schwarzenberg and Alberschwende

The hike from the Bödele area to Alberschwende is blooming with possibility. Sure, the leisurely 8km stretch with its easy-to-manage 180 metres in elevation difference is pleasant enough, but the many different types of meadow, flowers and herbs along the way are that make this hike in the Bregenzerwald region so memorable. The mountain views are well worth the effort as well!

Opposite the Gasthof Fetz inn in the Bödele area, follow the beautiful meadow path towards Brüggele/Alberschwende. After just a few metres, hikers will encounter the tour’s first special feature: the small upland moor area is home to a large number of rare and protected species.

Various orchids, cotton grass and more can be admired here from the wooden planks of the path that serves to protect the moor. The leisurely route continues along meadows and through a small belt of forest until reaching the first short ascent. Follow the road up towards the Geiskopf mountain and admire the masses of wild thyme along the way. Continue following the signs toward Brüggele/Alberschwende. After a few metres, leave the road and hike briefly uphill and then downhill through a beautiful area of forest. Attentive observers will discover the special bird’s nest orchid that grows here. This species of orchid is parasitic and survives without photosynthesis. It always grows near trees (mostly beech or spruce) and taps into their roots via a fungal system in order to glean nutrients.

Frühlingswanderung vom Bödele zum Brüggele Wiesenvielfalt © Vorarlberg Tourismus
Frühlingswanderung vom Bödele zum Brüggele in Alberschwende © Lukas Rinnhofer / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Wild orchids and cotton grass: the area’s diversity of flowers and herbs comes alive in springtime

The path continues towards the Breitentobel Alpine pasture. Along the way, meadows for agricultural use alternate with species-rich alkaline grassland. Next, the path leads up to the Lorena pass. Motivated hikers can continue up to the Brüggelekopf mountain in just 45 minutes to enjoy the magnificent view. Those who prefer a shorter route variant can take the road from the Lorena pass towards Alberschwende. There is another particularly beautiful and species-rich orchid meadow when turning right after the signpost below the lorenabpass. Continue along this non-signposted meadow path towards the old ski slope at Brüggele. After a few metres, hikers will arrive at a beautiful meadow full of orchids, rattle flowers, forget-me-nots, daisies, cotton grass, common bistort, and much more

From here, the hike is nearly complete. Heading from the old valley station of the Brüggele lift, it’s just a few minutes walk to the village centre of Alberschwende, where one can enjoy a delicious meal or drink as a reward for all the effort. Ice cream is also available at the village square. The diversity of nature that can be observed during this special hike is impressive. Note: Especially when crossing the moorland and wet meadows, it is essential to stay on the path. These meadows are extremely sensitive and even solo hikers can cause severe tread damage. Dogs must please be kept on a leash at all times, as this path leads through Alpine pastures.

This hiking tour is part of stage 30 of the "Min Weag” trail
  • Bödele (c) packyourthingsandtravel / Vorarlberg Tourismus

    Min Weag 30 | Bödele – Bildstein

    Beschauliche Wanderung durch Wälder und über Wiesen vom Dornbirner Naherholungsgebiet Bödele bis nach Bildstein…

    • 15.43 km

    • 5 h

    • mittel

    Difficulty: mittel
    Distance: 15.43 km
    Ascent: 450 m
    Descent: 930 m
    Duration: 5 h
    Deepest point: 653 m
    Highest point: 1182 m



    Min Weag 30 | Bödele – Bildstein

    Beschauliche Wanderung durch Wälder und über Wiesen vom Dornbirner Naherholungsgebiet Bödele bis nach Bildstein mit…

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