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Wanderung am Golmer Höhenweg zur Geißspitze (c) Andreas Gassner-Vorarlberg Tourismus

Visiting Vorarlberg safely

Corona/Covid-19 information

Visiting Vorarlberg safely

What a joy! Accommodation establishments, restaurants, cable cars, swimming pools, museums, theatres and many other cultural, sports and leisure facilities are open for you, events are taking place. The focus for the entry as well as your stay in Vorarlberg is the so called 3-G proof. By providing proof of testing, recovery or vaccination, guests can spend the safest possible vacation in Vorarlberg.

As a guiding principle for autumn, the Austrian Federal Government has defined a 3-step plan based on intensive care unit (ICU) occupancy, which will come into effect on 15 September 2021, and includes some changes in measures.

Vorarlberg has adopted wide-ranging measures to ensure your safety when on holidays: hygiene concepts, regular Corona tests for guests, tourism employees and locals, registration to track any cases of infection, free Corona cancellation insurance and generous cancellation conditions of the accommodation establishments enable carefree holiday enjoyment in Vorarlberg.

We have put together the most important measures, information and service hotlines for you here.