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Thematic Trail | Thematic Trail

Sunna-Weg: Stage 2 | Bludenz

Entry into the second stage and beginning of the forest nature trail
View of Bludenz shortly after the entrance
Visible from further away - the St. Laurentius Church and Gayenhofen Castle
Sensational view of Bludenz, Bürs and the Rätikon in the background
Shady beech forest
View from the back level in the direction of Bludenz
Hiking trails concept Vorarlberg


Difficulty: leicht
Distance: 3.98 km
Ascent: 244 m
Descent: 73 m
Duration: 1.5 h
Deepest point: 661 m
Highest point: 833 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Along the municipalities of Nüziders, Bludenz and Braz, a cultural-historical theme trail, the "Sunna Trail", has been inspiring visitors since summer 2019. The second stage leads from the Daneu bridge in Bludenz to Rungelin.

    The “Sunna Weg” gets its name from its location on the sunny side of the valley and its course through the Sonnenberg community of Nüziders. Nüziders was once the ancestral seat of the county of Sonnenberg. On this hiking trail close to the town, 25 panels provide information with cultural-historical focal points. They also cover scenic, natural history and geological topics. The focus is always on conveying stories about people and the landscape.

    Stage 2

    The second stage of the theme trail runs from the Daneu bridge in Bludenz to the Rungelin district in Bludenz. The start and end points and all entry points have been chosen so that they can be easily reached by public transport. Along the way, numerous loungers and benches invite you to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains.

    Along the second stage you will also find the interestingly designed Bludenz forest nature trail.

    Presented by: Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH
    Author: Melanie Fleisch

  • Difficulty: leicht



    Altitude: 833 m 661 m Best season:
    Safety instructions:

    140 Alpine emergencies Austria-wide
    144 Alpine emergencies Vorarlberg
    112 Euro-emergency call (works with any mobile phone/network)


    Ankle high boots, warm clothing, rain and sun protection and walking sticks are recommended. Cell phone in case of emergency.

  • Directions

    Stage 2

    The tour starts at the Daneu bridge in Bludenz. At the moated castle, the forest trail starts along the forest nature trail in the direction of Hinterebene. Along the way you always have the opportunity to take a short break or enjoy the sensational views of Bludenz. On the Hinterebene there is a larger rest area and several vantage points. From here you continue to follow the forest path in the direction of Rungelin. Above Rungelin – at Hellwald – the path branches off in the direction of Rungelin and you reach the end point of the second stage.


    Daneubrücke, Bludenz – moated castle – forest nature trail – Hinterebene – Lawils – Hellwald – Rungelin, Bludenz

    Possible access and descent

    – shortly before Hinterebene direction Montikel/city center

    – shortly before Hinterebene direction Montikel/swimming pool Val Blu

    – at Ferdinand-Gassner-Höhenweg direction Halde/swimming pool Val Blu

    Start Daneu bridge, Bludenz
    Geogr. 47.16635 N 9.819307 E
    Destination Rungelin, Bludenz


  • Public transportation:

    Access: City bus line 501, stop “Nüziders Oberdaneu” or “Bludenz Obdorfweg”

    Possible entry/exit: City bus line 503, stop “Stadion/Freizeitbad Val Blu”

    Exit: City bus line 503, stop “Rungelin”

    Timetable query online at


    Parking lot at the cable car Muttersberg in Bludenz or different parking lots in Bludenz