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Bregenz | Adventure route Pfänder – Hirschberg

View from Pfänder
Hirschberg Alpine hut
Old steam-powered sawmill
Panorama platform on the Pfänder
Resting place by the summit
Geserbergrundweg crossroad - here it leads on to Ahornach
Hiking trail concept Vorarlberg


Distance:12,0 km
Ascent:262 m
Descent:624 m
Duration:03:45 h
Deepest point:655 m
Highest point:1095 m



  • Popular family hike from Pfänder, the local mountain of the inhabitants of Bregenz, across the Hirschberg to Langen.

    From the Pfänder you have a wonderful panoramic view over the whole of Lake Constance and the mountain peaks of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg. Around the mountain station and along the route there are several inns and snack stations to choose from.

    Tour through the Alpine Wildlife Park below the Pfänderbahn summit station (open all year round daily from 8.30 to 18.30, free admission, approx. 30 minutes for the Wildlife Park Loop Trail). The Pfänderbahn Museum in the valley station: The exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Pfänderbahn (open daily), Admission free). The cheese-trail to Eichenberg/Lutzenreute with information boards on cheese production (approx. 1.5 h walking time).

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  • Difficulty:mittel




    Altitude: 1095 m 655 m Best season:
    Safety instructions:

    Emergency phone numbers in Austria:

    140 Alpine Emergencies throughout Austria as a whole

    144 Alpine  Emergencies Vorarlberg

    112 Euro  Emergency calls (works with every mobile/provider)

  • Directions

    Ascent with the Pfänderbahn to the summit station. From the mountain station hike via the Pfänder summit and the Jungholz parcel to the Hirschbergalpe and Hirschberg. Descent on the southern slope via the Ahornach, Geserberg and Stollen parcels to Langen. Return with the Landbus ( bus line 25) to Bregenz.

    Variants: Ascent via “G’schlief”, the “Gschliefweg” (approx. 1.5 h walking time). The hike is also possible in the opposite direction (Langen – Ahornach – Hirschberg – Pfänder, 3 1/2 hours).

    Start Bregenz, Pfänderbahn summit station
    Geogr. 47.505863 N 9.779418 E
    Destination Langen, Bregenz
  • Public transportation:


    At the Pfänderbahn or city center of Bregenz