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Thematic Trail | Thematic Trail

Alpine Pasture Hike | Vandans – Rellstal

Blick ins Rellstal, im Hintergrund Saulakopf und Lünerkrinne
Wanderbus ins Rellstal
Bushaltestelle und Alpengasthof Rellstal
Blick auf Obere Vilifaualpe und Heinrich Hueter Hütter
Obere Vilifaualpe bei der Heinrich Hueter Hütter
Gipsloch, Blick taleinwärts ins Rellstal
Blick auf Alpe Lün


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 7.2 km
Ascent: 506 m
Descent: 506 m
Duration: 2.8 h
Deepest point: 1471 m
Highest point: 1935 m



  • Höhenprofil

    The Rellstal is one of the most beautiful nature and plant reserves. The valley is roughly 1500 m high and completely surrounded by the Alps. Numerous gypsum sinkholes characterize the landscape. Over time the region’s great amounts of gypsum, which is slightly soluble in water, have formed underground caves that create sinkholes on the surface as soon as they collapse. They are surrounded by the bizarre rock formations of the Rätikon.

    Montafon: A Thematic Trail with beautiful views

    A special hiking bus takes hikers to the Rellstal, where the hike begins at the Alpine Pasture Rellstal or at the crossing leading to the Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte. The trail takes you on a simple path through a spruce forest. Soon you arrive at the Vilifaualpe (no service) and the above mentioned Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte. You continue uphill through a landscape of mountain pines and sinkholes towards Lünerkrinne and take a turn after Gipsköpfle downhill towards Sennalpe Lün. While you can enjoy the spectacular sight of Zimba and other Rätikon peaks, you should try some local specialties such as Sauerkäse (sour cheese), Bergkäse (mountain cheese), Alpjause (a local snack or lunch break) and drinks. Afterwards the track takes you back to the hike’s starting point.

    Beautiful landscape ideal for mountaineers with via ferratas such as Saula Klettersteig, Zimba Westgrat or a tour around Lünersee. There is a possibility to stay overnight at Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte.

    ÖK25V 1230 - West online -

    Author: Düringer Helmut

  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1935 m 1471 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege, gutes Schuhwerk mit Profilsohle, da einige Wege durch Wald führen und ev. auch nass sein können. Man bewegt sich im alpinen Gelände.

    Zum Teil etwas steilerer Wanderweg, bei Nässe Rutschgefahr.

    More info & links:

    Alpengasthaus Rellstal / T +43 664 1412692,

    Heinrich Hueter Hütte / T+43 5556 76570, oder

    Alpe Lün / Oskar Neher, T +43 664 1429484


  • Directions

    The valley of Rellstal is only accessible by foot (roughly 4 hours of walking from Vandans) or with the hiking bus from Vandans. The bus drives daily from mid-July until early October (40 minutes).

    The hike begins at the chapel St Hubertus (1470 m, near the bus station). We follow the small road eastwards through a spruce forest and go uphill to the upper Vilifaualpe (no service). Right above this Alpine Pasture the Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte (1766 m, Austrian Alpine Club Pasture) invites you to take a break from your hike. From the Vilifaualpe a path called “Gipsköpfleweg” takes you to the Alpine Pasture Lün or Lünnekrinne. After the Gipsköpfle the path parts and you take the trail downhill to the serviced Sennealpe Lün. Now the track leads you back to the Alpine Guesthouse Rellstal.

    Start Vandans, hiking bus station near Golmerbahn or the train station of Vandans
    Geogr. 47.0739 N 9.79979 E
    Destination Vandans