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Alpine Pasture Hike l From Gaschurn to Garneratal

Ganeraalpe mit Blick auf die Plattenspitzen
Panoramablick von der Versettlabahn
Maisäß Linifar
Maisäß Linifar
Weg ins Ganeratal
Alpe Garnera
Milchprodukte der Alpe Garnera
Ganeraalpe mit Blick auf die Plattenspitzen
Blick zum Maisäß Ganeu
Blick auf Ganeumaisäß
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 12.08 km
Ascent: 318 m
Descent: 832 m
Duration: 4 h
Deepest point: 965 m
Highest point: 1674 m



  • Höhenprofil

    The Garneratal is a south side valley of Montafon in the county of Gaschurn. Nature-loving hikers appreciate the valley’s beauty und due to its nativeness it has also served as a film set. The Alpine Pasture Garnera offers regional delicacies from early July to early September.

    A good hiking path leads from the mid-station of the cableway Versettlabahn Gaschurn (1480 m) via the Maisäß Lifinar to the Alpine Pasture Garnera (1680 m) and via the Maisäß Ganeu (1400 m) back to Gaschurn. The so-called «Sennkuchi» of the Garnera dairy produces traditional and innovative dairy products from fresh alpine milk. Next to the popular traditional products such as the skimmed cheese «Sura Kees» or alpine butter, the pasture also creates new products including «Saladiner» (a tasty soft cheese), «Garnertaler Schnittkäse» (sliced cheese) or yoghurt. During a «Jause» (break from your hike) you have a chance to try and buy some of these delicacies. If you are interested in the process of making these dairy products, feel free to ask the staff. They are happy to answer all of your questions! The mountain pasture Maisäß Ganeu is located on roughly 1400 m of altitude and serves a mid-station for livestock in spring (late May to late June) and fall (mid-September to early October), depending on the weather conditions.

    If you prefer mountain biking, there is a possibility to transport your bike with the cableway (Versettlabahn).

    ÖK25V 2101 - West online -

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  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1674 m 965 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege, entsprechende Bekleidung der Witterung angepasst.

    More info & links:

    Bergbahnen Gaschurn Silvretta Montafon, Ticketpreise –

    Garneraalpe – Agrargemeinschaft Garnera – ,

    Die Tour kann man ebenfalls mit dem Mountainbike machen (Bike-Beförderung bei der Versettlabahn).

  • Directions

    After taking the lift of the Versettla cableway at Gaschurn up to the mid-station, take the hiking path that leads you slightly uphill to the Lifinarmaisäß. Afterwards, go back to the crossing and take a right turn towards Garneratal. On the way, you already have a good view of the Maisäße (a form of mountain pasture) of Genau. After a short way through the forest, you get an impressive view of the idyllic valley. You continue following the creek Garnerabach and reach the Alpine Pasture Garnera after about an hour of walking. Here you have a chance to relax before the descent. At first, the path you take back is the same you took to get here. A short bit after the Zollhütte you find a signpost. Follow the signpost leading towards Ganeu and hike next to the creek. After about half an hour you reach the Maisäße Ganeu. Continue on the road and via serpentines you reach the valley station of the Versettla cableway in Gaschurn after about one hour.

    Everyone who is good with heights and loves an adventure should take the descent via the Fenggatobel (gorge path). This descent to the valley station also takes about one hour.

    Start Gaschurn, mid-station of Versettla cableway
    Geogr. 46.98458 N 10.00737 E
    Destination Gaschurn, valley station of Versettla cableway