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Alpine Pasture Hike l Damüls/Ugaalpe – Mellau/Rossstelle

Blick auf Elsenalpstube, Mittagsspitze und Hohes Licht
Alpe Uga Damüls
4er-Sesselbahn Uga mit Damülser Mittagsspitze im Hintergrund
Berggasthof Elsenalpstube
Blick auf Mittelargenalpe
Alpbach, Blickrichtung Kanisfluh
Blick auf Mellau
Vorarlberger Wanderwegekonzept


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 10.16 km
Ascent: 279 m
Descent: 717 m
Duration: 3.3 h
Deepest point: 1387 m
Highest point: 1839 m



  • Höhenprofil

    Take a hike through a diverse landscape and make use of the public transportation such as bus and cableways. From Damüls the track leads across several cultivated Alpine Pastures to the top station (Rossstellealpe) of the Mellau cableway.

    After a leisurely descent from the Uga-Express top station, you are already at the first Alpine Pasture, the Ugaalpe. Family Metzler offers a hearty Jause (snack) and drinks for refreshment (milk, buttermilk, alpine butter, cheese, yoghurt). The tour starts off on a manageable downhill track to the Laubenbach and after a short climb you reach the Mittelargenalpe where you can enjoy a typical Alpjause (snack), drinks or a Sennsuppe (soup). We leave the broad track at Sackalpe and cross to the other side of the mountain at the «Klippern» and hike downhill to Obere Alpe that offers a hearty Alpjause to hungry hikers with homemade products and drinks. Between Kanisfluh and the “Klippern” we reach the Alpe Wurzach, where you have a wonderful view over both sides of the saddle. This Alpine Pasture also provides service and in addition to milk, alpine butter, yoghurt, cheese, goat’s cheese, alpine snacks and drinks, and also offers an alpine breakfast on request. The Kanisalpe, which also offers Alpjause, Sennsuppe and drinks, is located in a beautiful moorland. Finally we reach the Alphof Rossstelle (self-service restaurant) and the mountain station of the Mellau cableway.

    You can also hike from the top station of the Mellau cableway down to the valley of Mellau (1 hour hiking time, steep track!). The Alpengasthof Edelweiß is situated below the Alpe Obere, where you can spend the night.

    ÖK25V 1224 - Ost online -

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  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1839 m 1387 m Best season:

    Wanderausrüstung für leichte und mittelschwere Wege, Entsprechende Bekleidung der Witterung angepasst.

    More info & links:

    Damüls –

    Mellau –

    Seilbahnen, T +43 5510 6000 – Seilbahnen Damüls – Mellau

    Elsenalpstube, T +43 5510 297 –

    Alpe Uga – Familie Metzler / +43 664 5367398

    Alpe Kanis – Greber Josef / +43 5512 3748

    Alpe Wurzach – Familie Jäger T +43 664 5971764

    Berggasthof Uga Alp, T +43 5510 3180 –

    Alpengasthof Edelweiß/Edelweißhütte, T +43 664 4324840,

    Alphof Roßstelle, T +43 5518 2310,

    Restaurant Simma, T +43 5518 2761,

  • Directions

    Take the bus to Damüls to the Uga Express valley station (journey time approx. 40 minutes depending on the departure time). You will find the Berggasthof Elsenalpstube right next the top station. From the mountain station you can easily reach the nearby Ugaalpe (1800 m), an old Walser alpine settlement. The path leads down to the Argenalpen and over the Gautschrofen (1850 m) you reach a steeper path on the other side of the mountain. Between the impressive Kanisfluh (2044 m) and the “Klippern” (2066 m) we cross to the Mellauer side. In the vast alpine area, you will find the Oberealpe, Wurzachalpe and Kanisalpe close to one another. On a narrow, well-laid path you reach the top station of the Mellaubahn. Descent with the new 10-seater gondola to Mellau.

    Start Damüls, top station Uga cableway
    Geogr. 47.29995 N 9.89143 E
    Destination Mellau, top station of Mellau cableways