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E-biking in the Kleinwalsertal @ Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
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5-Valleys Mountain Bike Tour | Bludenz

Stage 1: Enjoyable cycle path from Bürs towards Brand
Stage 1: Along the Fairy Tale & Legend Trail Bürs towards Brand
Stage 1: Past idyllic Alps to Brand
Stage 1: Panorama on the way up to the mountain station Dorfbahn
Stage 1: One of the many water points for refilling
Stage 1: Pure panorama on the ascent from Brand to the Dorfbahn mountain station
Stage 1: View to the top station of the Dorfbahn in the direction of the Brandnertal exit
Stage 1: Inner Parpfienzalpe
Stage 1: Along the Natursprünge trail to the Parfienz saddle
Stage 1: Single trail Mühlebach - Flow!
Stage 1: Flow trail
Stage 1: End of stage 1 at the base station of the Bikepark Brandnertal on the Tschengla/Bürserberg.
Stage 2: Gentle ascent towards Gerachhaus
Stage 2: Panorama into the Walgau on the ascent towards Gerachhaus
Stage 2: There are enough water points along the way for refilling


Difficulty: mittel
Distance: 155,7 km
Ascent: 5270 m
Descent: 5270 m
Duration: 20:00 h
Deepest point: 480 m
Highest point: 1841 m



  • The 5-Valley Mountain Bike Tour connects the valleys around Bludenz in 4 stages and offers great views of the Rätikon, Verwall and Lechquellen mountains and over the Rhine Valley.

    This tour is one of the highlights of the MTB routes around Bludenz. With 4 overnight stays along the way, there is almost a little Transalp feeling. Of course, the 4 stages can also be mastered with Bludenz as the daily starting point. The tour is also designed for e-bikes: no carrying passages and sufficient charging stations are available.

    Stage 1: Brandnertal incl. Bikepark Brandnertal with overnight stay in Bürserberg (1330 hm / with use of mountain railroad 940 hm)

    From Bludenz leisurely on paved bike path to Brand. With the support of the village railroad in the direction of Parpfienzsattel (who wants to collect altitude meters takes the freight road to the mountain station) and then enjoy the single trails in the Bikepark Brandnertal to Tschengla/Bürserberg.

    Stage 2: Walgau with overnight stay in Gerachhaus (1180 hm)

    From Tschengla/Bürserberg first down into the Walgau before it goes in Satteins on freight roads up towards Sender – constant companion: the panorama! For an overnight stay in the Gerachhaus please contact family Burtscher ( in time.

    Stage 3: Großes Walsertal with overnight stay in Bludenz (1190 hm)

    Directly from Gerachhaus partly on single trails down towards Ludesch. Collect altitude meters to Raggal or Ludescherberg and enjoyable on the Muttersberg. For technicians the famous single trail Muttersberg down to Bludenz – for connoisseurs the Güterweg.

    Alternative: Stay overnight in Raggal and experience the tour around the Breithorn for an additional day.

    Stage 4: Klostertal and Montafon (1570 hm / with use of mountain railroad 730 hm)

    From Bludenz on the Klostertal cycle path always along the river Alfenz to the valley station Sonnenkopf/Wald am Arlberg. Take the cable car up (ambitious cyclists take the goods road) and through the idyllic Wasserstubental valley into the Montafon. Past the Kristberg, with a view of the mighty mountains of the Rätikon, you descend to Vandans, where you roll along the cycle path along the Ill River back to Bludenz.

    Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH

    Presented by: Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH, Author: Gregor Kreuzer, Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH
    letzte Änderung: 21.05.2021

  • Difficulty: mittel




    Altitude: 1841 m 480 m Best season:
    Safety instructions:


    140 Alpine emergencies Austria-wide

    144 Alpine emergencies Vorarlberg

    112 Euro-emergency call (works with any mobile phone/network)


    Mountain bike, helmet, rain or sun protection as well as food and sufficient liquid for the respective daily stage. For the multi-day tour is recommended: A change of clothes, toiletries, tools and spare tube, first aid kit, map/route description and other personal items. 

    More info & links:

    Along the tour you will find special bike-friendly accommodations for overnight stays. 

  • Directions

    Stage 1: Brandnertal incl. Bikepark Brandnertal

    Bludenz train station – Bürs village center – Werkstraße – Schaßweg – follow the road – Schaß – Klostermaisäß – bridge – Galaferda district – Brand village center – ascent with village railroad (or forest road) – Innere Parpfienzalpe – Parpfienzsattel – Mühlebachtrail – Faregg Lift valley station – Einhornbahn II mountain station – Flowline “Tschengla Unchained” (alternative goods road) – Tschengla or Bürserberg.

    Stage 2: Walgau with overnight stay in Gerachhaus

    Tschengla/Bürserberg – Alpe Rona – Plandedon – Nenzing – Beschling – overpass Rheintal freeway – Schlins – cycle path 101 to Satteins – Satteins church – Gulmweg – Walgau Höhenstraße – Bischa – Dünser Älpele – Gerachhaus

    Stage 3: Great Walser Valley with overnight stay in Bludenz

    Gerachhaus – Dünser Älpele – Hensler – Boden – Düns – Schnifis – Buchwaldweg – Badesee – Thüringen – Walgaustraße direction Ludesch – Alte Raggalerstrasse – Raggal – Ludescherberg – Laz – Muttersberg – Singletrail Muttersberg (or Güterweg) – Bludenz

    Stage 4: Klostertal and Montafon

    Bludenz – Klostertal cycle path – Brunnenfeld – Bludenz-Montafon traffic junction – Klostertal cycle path – Stallehr – Außerbraz – Innerbraz – Dalaas – Dorfstraße – gravel road at the end of the village – Sonnenkopfbahn valley station in Wald am Arlberg – Ascent Sonnenkopfbahn (or goods road) – Sonnenkopf – Obere Wasserstubenalpe – Wasserstubental – Untere Wasserstubenalpe – Wildried – Kristberg – Fulateia – Torasee – Fritzasee – Neyers Legi – Bartholomäberg church – Buchswaldstraße – Gantschier – Ill cycle path – St. Anton im Montafon – Lorüns – Bludenz

    Start Alpine town Bludenz
    Geogr. 47.15503 N 9.81517 E
    Destination Alpine town Bludenz
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    Parking lot at Bludenz train station